Thoughts on writing essays on advertisements

When any businessman starts a business venture, he is bound to encounter or offer competition to others in the same line of production or service. As an academician or business student, while writing essays on an advertisement, a number of key factors need to be taken into consideration.

There is also the need to inform the customers, the target group, of the existence of the business and the goods and/or services on offer. In a bid to disseminate this information either for information’s sake or as a way of gaining an edge over competitors, businessmen are continuously advertising their products and services. These include, but are not limited to the ones listed below and should act as a guide to writing a comprehensive article of advertisement for whatever reason such a document is required.

Important tips to remember while writing the essay

Important tips to remember while writing the essay

  • As with every other literally writing, when one is writing the essay, there is need to develop a thesis statement that captures the eye of the reader or the professor to whom the essay is presented as part of the requirement for the fulfillment of some course of study. Therefore, it is imperative that the scholar develops a striking thesis on the advertisement.
  • Search and collect all the required information: Before putting pen to paper to write essays on advertisement, it is necessary to have an overview of what you want to discuss, delve into the lecture notes you might be having, search in the libraries and online for all the materials necessary for this writing and have this points listed such that ones you start writing you will be organizing and expounding on each one of them.
  • Definition and types of advertisement: A detailed definition of the term advertisement and a highlight on the major types of advertisement will act as a guide into the direction your discussion is headed. It is important that it is seen as a form of marketing communication aimed at informing, encouraging, persuading or even manipulating a target audience towards some behavior (to take or continue taking some action) towards or against some product or service. In this way, the flow will come out well, and your essay will be worth reading.
  • It is important, to show an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand, to give a brief history of the industry in your country or state of study. Have a mention of even the advertising gurus known and their perceived contribution to the industry.
  • Have an overview of the advertising industry including the key players and the role of these players in marketing communications. A mention of famous taglines and slogans that people have come to internalize and identify with such that the mention of the tagline or slogan brings the product or service in the mind of the listener.
  • Mention the many media of advertisement and highlight on the merits and demerits of each whether real or perceived. Develop your essay from the use of word of mouth, handbills, leaflets, posters, radio, television and currently online advertisements over the Internet and the smartphones.
  • While writing essays on advertisements, it pays to keep in mind and have a mention of the major advantages of a firm or person advertising their products or services. Conversely, it is imperative that one should highlight the major disadvantages, especially on the consumer of the products or services that are associated with the advertisement.

Recommendation when writing

  • Once the groundwork has been laid and necessary information got, the writing of the essay should be done meticulously and flawlessly following the requirements for the study in as far as the format guidelines are concerned.
  • The wiring will also depend on the size of document required as this gives insight on whether points should be full or briefly expounded. One should keep an eye on say the number of pages and/ or words (size of the document).
  • Care should also be-be taken on the grammar, and the flow of information as this will either make your work easy to read and hence earn marks otherwise you may be writing to fail.
  • The conclusion should be some summary of the highlighted points in the body of the essay and should have a punch phrase that leaves your leader having some thumbs up sign for you and turning pages to see if there is more.
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