Tips of Writing the Best a Raisin in the sun Essays

Are you staring at a blank document on your screen and you do not know where to start writing that essay? A rising in the sun Essays are quite simple as you first have to understand the play. Have you read the play? Do you know what it’s all about? You first have to read and understand the content of the play. What is the author trying to communicate? Here is a brief overview; the play talks about deferred dreams where the main characters struggle in dealing with circumstances that are oppressive which rule their lives however at the end one dream is fulfilled.

Step by step guide of writing a high quality essay

  • Research your topic. It is not advisable to jump on writing the essay without doing an extensive research. Know the characters of the play as well as the main message of the play. You need to know the sources that have been recommended by the instructor and avoid as much as possible using other sources. Make detailed notes as you keep track of the sources where the facts come from. Write down the sources using the citation style recommended. Make sure you note down the claims or facts that seem to disapprove your original claim where you should try explain why the evidence is invalid. A good writer will always include contrary evidence but try to prove its invalidity.
  • Analyze essays that are well written. You will definitely come across essays on the topic you are writing about where some will be extremely good. Make an analysis of the areas that make them stand out in relation to the claims made by the author; what makes them sound so good? Could it be the sources, logic or the writing? Also look at the evidences presented by the author if they sound credible and note whether the logic is sound that is whether the author backs the claims with easy to follow examples. This is important especially with play and poem essays as you need to reference exact examples from the play.
  • Brainstorm your ideas where you can even use other people’s arguments to back up your own. You need to have your own spin of the topic to have a unique essay.
  • Get a thesis statement by looking at the ideas you have come up with. You then write a thesis statement that is basically a summary of the ideas you hope to present. Remember that thesis statements need to have a narrow focus, should not ask any questions, and should be written in first person.
  • Make a plan of your essay where you can take the brainstormed thoughts bring them together in an outline. Make a topic sentence for the ideas then below it make a list or bullet points that supports your evidence.
  • Write your essay’s body as this is where you can let your thoughts flow but take note on the number of paragraphs recommended by the instructor. Let the pen flow or your fingers type freely.
  • Make a captivating title and introduction as this will increase the curiosity of the reader. Avoid the obvious expressions for it will kill the drive of the reader. Ensure the title is catchy such that the reader will want to know more. The introduction is the first phase of the essay hence make it as interesting as possible where you can even start off giving a broad description then eventually narrow it to the specific thesis statement.
  • Write your conclusion. This is where the points are summarized suggesting the various ways your conclusion can be brought in a bigger sense. The arguments you present should bring your reader to a logical and natural conclusion. Ensure that you nail the last sentence as it will make the reader remember you.
  • Do not forget to revise your essay after a while correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Get rid of any unnecessary words or repeated statements.

The above steps are very easy to follow and they will guide you to writing the essay that you have in mind.