Tips on Handling Essay and Its Main Types

Almost all examinations in the various competitions there require a task, according to which you must submit to the evaluation commission your essay.  This type of work should characterize your writing skills, world perceptions, your knowledge and academic potential.

Tips on Handling Essay

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What is an essay?

Essay – is a small composition, which demonstrates individual impressions and ideas on a specific problem or topic. An essay by its structure is not positioned as a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject. It is purely your clear vision of an issue, which is indicated by the theme of the essay.

The structure of an essay is universal to all examination specifics. The written work consists of the following components: Title – The title of the essay that reflects the theme of the narrative. Introduction – 2-4 short sentences that reveal the subject of the essay. The central part – 2-3 paragraphs describing the essence of the work. There you need to disclose fully and correctly the subject, give reasons and argue them. Conclusion – 2-4 summing-up proposals. In this part, you have to make a general conclusion to the essay.

Each paragraph in the main part of the works begins with a topic sentence, this “introduction” to the paragraph. Subsequent proposals are developing and supporting the idea expressed in the topic sentence. In order to learn how to write essays strictly according to the plan and how to structure your thoughts clearly, please visit On this resource, you will be able to read some useful essay tips, guided by simple instructions.

A form of the essay depends on the given topic and sometimes is specified in the assignment. According to an authoritative source – the book “Successful Writing», written by Virginia Evans -essay is divided into three main types:

1)For and against essays

The name speaks for itself: you cast the arguments “for” and “against” of any phenomenon. English essay is organized as follows: Introduction. Here you lead the reader to the discussion topic. Main part. You cite the arguments “for” and “against” of any action or fact. You do not have to express your point of view, stick to neutrality. Conclusion. Only this part requires the expression of your attitude to the topic and drawing conclusions.

2)Opinion essays

In Opinion Essays, you need not just to reflect your point of view, but also to look at the proposed topics from different angles. Consider all aspects of the question, write your opinion and be sure to confirm all belief arguments. Opinion essay plan: Introduction. You specify the subject of discussion. Main part. You express your opinion and firmly argue it. Here, it is desirable to consider the opinion, opposite to your and explain to the reader why you do not share this view. Conclusion. You sum up, finally formulating your views on the proposed theme.

3) Suggesting solutions to problem essays

This kind of writing work offers to consider any global problem or issue. Your task is to provide your opinion with solutions. The plan of this type of an essay considers Introduction. You specify the problem and its causes and consequences. Main part. You offer solutions to the problems and the possible consequences of such actions. You prove why certain measures should be taken and what implications will arise. Conclusion. Summarize your reasoning.


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