Today’s Most Popular Classification Essay Topics and How to Handle Them

A classification essay is a type of paper where you supposed to arrange or sort something, ‒ people, objects or even ideas, ‒ into particular groups or classes based on shared characteristics. At first sight, this tasks seems straightforward and simple enough. In fact, this type of essay gives you an opportunity not only to make a subject easy to understand but also discover it on a deeper level.

Most Popular Classification Essay Topics

Working on this type of assignment, you are required to describe how different parts relate to a whole and to examine how various groups share similarities and differences between them. To sort things logically, you should determine the categories and support each of them with examples.

Many subjects can be explored through classification. So you’re allowed to use your imagination to the fullest. To help you find a winning topic, we’ve prepared a list of subjects for you to take into consideration.

Sports fans

Whether you choose football, baseball or tennis, analyzing why people opt for a particular game is always a winning idea. For example, going to football games, you can meet parents with kids, older people, or noisy club fans. No doubt, there is enough potential in this topic to be explored. Besides, you can start your researching right at the stadium.


During the education process, every learner has an immediate experience with different kinds of teachers. Some of them want to become your friends or a reliable tutor, while others stick to tyrant regime. What is the most efficient strategy in your opinion?

Social media users

Nowadays, there are dozens of characters you can find on social media. From social animals to trolls and photography lovers ‒ they all pursue different goals creating this huge global community. From this perspective, you can allocate narrower categories and analyze motivations people have using this channel of communication.

Vacation destinations

Opinions vary when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. And there is no surprise as someone can relax climbing to the top of a mountain, while others prefer to hang out at the beach basking in the sun. No matter what you like, working on this subject, you’ll get an excellent chance to research an issue and plan your next holidays at the same time.

Political activists

Have you ever wondered why people engage in politics? What motivates them? Even if it’s not the time for elections now, this subject can always be picked up from different points of view. Besides, it gives you a great chance to puzzle out modern politics.

Healthy food

Write about a group of food which is known as nutritious. For example, you can focus on greens, nuts, and seeds, whole grain or low-fat snacks. Describe different kinds of products that belong to some category. Tell your readers what makes them healthy, where to buy them and how to cook.

Types of music

Conducting an essay on different genres of music won’t provide new exciting details. On the other hand, music is an essential part of human being. People prefer various types of music for certain activities. But what are the reasons behind their choices? This could be an interesting topic for hard-hitting research papers.


This subject is broad. But it enables you to focus on an angle which interests you the most. For example, you can write about existing types of personalities or tell more about your family and friends.

Romantic dates

Some dates look like a fairytale. And some seem more like a nightmare. But what does it depend on? It could be fascinating to find out the reasons why the first dates go well or terrible.

Still can’t come up with the perfect topic?

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