Understanding animal testing persuasive essays

Understanding animal testing persuasive essays

The debate around animal testing pertains how ethical and humane the practice is. Activist for the protection of animal argue that animal testing is cruel and harms, injures and maims the innocent animals.

On the other hand, the scientific community, especially in the medical arm does not concur. When writing persuasive essays, these are some of the issues that should appear.

To write this essay in a compelling manner, it is important to first understand the background of animal testing as well as contextualize the exercise. To start off, you need to familiarize yourself with animal testing and what it entails. Animal testing is whereby non-human animals are used for scientific experiments. Tens of millions of these vertebrates are used annually for this purpose. However, the exact number is hard to come by as the statistics are hard to come by. Often, most of the anim

als used to run these experiments are euthanized afterwards.

To pen animal testing persuasive essays, reviewing industries that use this and the reason behind it can’t be stressed enough. To build a case for animal testing, justification from this companies have to show that what they do is necessary for advancement and to better normal human existence. It also helps to review some of the institutions that use animals in their scientific experiments. There is no shortage of them ranging from universities and medical schools, defense companies, pharmaceutical corporations, farms and many more.

Addressing benefits in animal testing persuasive essays

Addressing benefits in animal testing persuasive essays

For the sake of persuasion, it is imperative that the benefits of animal testing be brought forward. These benefits include education, breeding, drug tests, toxicology research among others. To further cement your argument or support for animal testing in an essay, quoting supporters of the practice will go a long way. For instance, your theory can be supported by arguments like the one British Royal Society which argued that almost all achievements in the field of medicine since the 1900s relied on animal use in one way or another.  You can also use the United States National Academy of Sciences which argues that even the most advanced computer cannot effectively model or prototype molecular, cellular, organic or environmental interactions like animals have been able to help science do.

Animal testing persuasive essays can also be supported by different government stances. An example is the United States of America and British governments which support medical and scientific goal advancement by way of animal testing on the condition that the tests use the least number of animals for research and that the process is made less painful or suffering is reduced.

As an essay writer seeking to push the acceptance of animal testing, it is your duty to show how without it the world would be medically stunted. One of the most important aspects of your essay would be to highlight the benefits and advances that animal testing has enabled. Animal testing persuasive essays should also show the ongoing efforts to facilitate better treatment of the animals used. It should also remind readers that there are alternative ways being sought to replace it. Remember that for an essay of this caliber, research is key. Some of the research that would come in handy is for instance by explaining and mentioning the certain advancements that have been enabled by specific kinds of testing. Other than that, it is the writers’ duty to support their opinion with evidence either in form of quoting sources or providing scientific analysis, conclusions and results that have caused positive changes in the industries concerned.

Lastly, appealing to people’s emotions is the easiest way of changing how they perceive animal testing. As a good essay writer, you should know how to work this in your favor. Most people believe in sacrifice for the greater good. Seeing that the alternatives for the sort of tests that afford science advancement as it is now are almost non-existent, a writer should be able to conclude their animal testing essays by putting the issue as what it is at the moment.

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