Value of essays about sport

Good essays about sport are often sought after because they offer knowledge on a wide range of topics on this subject matter. These include the following;

  • Importance of sports to the body and mind of a person
  • Different sporting activities available in today’s world
  • The relationship between healthy sports competition and general improvement of one’s character and behavior
  • Leisure sports and their significance

Example of essays about sport

Example of essays about sport

Sports is good for the general well-being of an individual. You may have come across the saying that goes like; “a sound mind in a sound body” and what this tries to achieve in simple English is that a healthy body defined the success and quality of life. When you are healthy, you are bound to live a fulfilled and happy life than the less healthy. Unlike plain exercise, sports does much more than build you a fine physique and a healthy body; it offers thrill, excitement and fun in the process.

Sport includes such activities as volleyball, hockey, rowing, badminton, running, walking races, swimming, cricket, football, tennis, basketball, and many others. The thrill of sporting comes in both playing the game and the competition involved. The players aren’t the only ones experiencing the thrill of the game but onlookers, coaches, and many other parties feel it too. The thrill is a good thing for the mind which is why bookworms often come out weaker than those who know how to balance education and sport.

It is worth mentioning that sport is a game of the mind as it is physical. Take for instance such sports like golf, tennis and cricket. The mind is as engaged as the body is. One requires great skill which is a quality of the mind in the sense of the word. Playing such games makes one realize that physical vigor alone doesn’t do much if the mind is not fully engaged.

As mentioned earlier, sports encourage healthy competition between individuals. Naturally, man is very competitive in nature and when the opportunity to bring this element out presents itself, the urge to participate is often welcome. Tournaments and matches test the stamina, skill, endurance and toughness of the participants. Awards such as medals are incentives created to encourage gamers to become excellent in sports. Healthy competition helps encourage people to work harder and be better than previous performances.

It is through sports that man learns an important life lesson referred to as showmanship. This refers to the combined quality of a good sense of discipline, fair play, confidence in one’s ability, the spirit of team and cooperation and the ability to accept defeat with dignity. Often in big games like soccer, players shake hands after an intense game such as the World Cup despite the outcome of the game. Once a person gains this important life character, the results show even in other aspects of life beside sport. In the corporate world for example, it would be easier for such an individual to cooperate with his boss and colleagues and rise up from disappointment. Instead of dwelling on office toxicity, he or she will never take disagreements seriously but rather life must be quality and admirable at all times.

Lastly, sports are great activities to undertake during leisure times when life isn’t too serious and fast. Too much work and no play is a recipe for disaster. Spending time throwing a tennis ball during your vacation is a great way to kill time and have fun simultaneously.

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