What are essays on abortion about?

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First of all, we ought to ask ourselves, ‘what is abortion?’ abortion has been defined in various ways by several writers. One definition of abortion is that, ‘it is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.’ Another scholar defined abortion as the process of ending pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus.’ All in all, abortion which is sometimes referred to as miscarriage from a layman’s perspective entails terminating of the human pregnancy before the baby is born.’ Essays on abortion are about the act of abortion and the other factors surrounding it for instance: the reasons for abortion, the means of abortion, the advantages of abortion, the challenges of abortion, among other factors.

Biggest arguments on why abortion is trending

Abortion has been criticized by various people in the society but it is still being practiced that is why we ask ourselves, ‘what are the reasons for abortion?’  for some, it is unethical act, whereas for others, abortion seems to be the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy and an impossible-to-negotiate future. When asked why they go for abortion, women have given a series of reasons, some of which are as follows:

All in all, there are several reasons why women engage in the act of abortion just as discussed above. While doing essays on abortion the above information must be considered.

The challenges facing abortion

Abortion is also faced by a series of challenges. More than one hundred potential complications have been associated with induced abortion. Acute complications include but not limited to: minor infections, bleeding, fevers, chronic abdominal pain, gastro-intestinal disturbances, vomiting, and Rh sensitization. The nine most common major complications include: infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, ripping or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsion, hemorrhage, cervical injury and endotoxin shock. Other complications associated with the act of abortion include: sterility, premature births, mental problems, guilt, anxiety, temporary feelings of relief, grief, alcohol abuse, breast cancer, among other complications. Finally, as it has been highlighted above, despite abortion being legalized in various countries worldwide, it has its own challenges and women engaging in this action of abortion should be very careful as this may lead to severe consequences and even death.

Is abortion the right thing to do?

Several arguments about abortion have been brought up in the past. some countries have even legalized abortion, but before accepting this practice we ought to ask ourselves this question, ‘Is abortion the right thing to do?’ Once this question has been answered by ourselves then the way forward will be decided based on our individual opinions. All in all, it is prudent for everybody to keenly understand abortion together with its consequences before making any decision concerning pregnancy termination.

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