What to include in an Abortion intro

An introduction always dictates that a definition is given first and that is where we start. You may start by defining terms like abortion as the act of removing a fetus from the womb or uterus before its term is reached. Addressing aspects such as the occurrence is also pertinent. For instance, abortions happen because the pregnancy is not wanted even though there are instances where abortion is necessitated to save the life of a pregnant woman. Key steps in writing this abortion intro are highlighted.

First, look for the subject-specific terms and define them. For example, talk about miscarriages whereby a pregnancy self-terminates before week 20 after conception. As it is, the prevalence of loss of pregnancy is higher with miscarriage than in any other form or cause. Studies have shown that up to 25% of all pregnancies are miscarried. In this category, there is a phenomenon that is known as chemical pregnancies. These are pregnancies that are miscarried not long after implantation. This result in bleeding around the menstrual time that is similar to menstruation hence it mostly goes unnoticed. Miscarriages are especially hard on the victims as they are caught unawares. Miscarriages also vary and are treated differently. The reason for this post is to enlighten readers in case you or a loved one are caught in a situation like this.

Second, use less sensitive words because most women are rattled by abortion-related jargon, as they tend to be very emotional, especially for those trying to have children. This should be specifically when attempting to write the reasons for abortions including a miscarriage. The variety of reasons for miscarriages makes it hard to pinpoint a particular reason. However, there are general causes that have been determined which include abnormalities in a fetus’ chromosomal composition. This may be caused by defective eggs or sperms amid other reasons. Other causes such as trauma, lifestyle choices and age must be addressed carefully not to cause stress among abortion victims.

Formatting the abortion intro

Formatting the abortion intro

The intro of the article must be formatted by looking at some aspects such as treatment for abortion overview depending on the type and completeness of the act. Treatment might also include counseling. The aspect of induced abortion may need redress in the intro. Generally, medical abortions are those that are induced via ingestion of pills or via injection to terminate a pregnancy. Surgery is mostly not required here unless the pregnancy is too far along or in instances where unscrupulous and unqualified attendants perform risky procedures on patients. This is also the most controversial form of abortion that has been highly debated worldwide. Induced abortions are done to before the sixth week of pregnancy, the earlier, the better. As a result of this type of abortion, resultant bleeding is greater than via surgery.

Cramping is common with many women though relief is felt when the tissue has been passed. This process takes between four to six days to end date, assuming there are no complications arising. This method is preferred due to the privacy it provides, unlike surgery. Induced medical abortions cannot be reversed once the medication has been ingested. However, there are no known long-term issues that arise with taking the said medications. However, this kind of abortion tends to have side effects which include heavy vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, cramps, dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. In case your bleeding exceeds what would be considered normal, ensure you call a doctor to avoid any complications developing.

In conclusion, an abortion intro would be incomplete if it were to omit the variety of reason why women would opt to terminate a pregnancy. These inform a woman’s decision or a medical professional’s decision to administer any of the procedures above. My hope is that this has been an enlightening piece as a starter guide for those looking to write and research more on abortion

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