What to include when writing an Essay about life

What to include when writing an Essay about life

We are all familiar with life since we are alive but what does it mean? How can I explain life to another person? The important thing to understand as you start writing the essay about life is its definition.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has several definitions of life. Some include:

  • The characteristic that distinguishes a functional and vital being from a dead body;
  • The succession of physical and mental experiences that form an individual’s existence;
  • Spiritual existence that goes beyond physical death;
  • A particular phase of earthly existence; and
  • One’s manner of living.

These definitions will guide you as you write your essay.

These definitions will guide you as you write your essay

You need to write an introduction that explains the meaning of life and what your essay will contain. Your essay requires a thesis statement. You can research on what a thesis statement is and how to write one.

The body of the essay should elaborate your introduction. It needs to have a detailed explanation of life if you stated that you would explain the meaning of life in the introduction. You can handle the essay in the following ways to capture the essence of life:

  • Explain life as the characteristic that distinguishes a functional and vital being from a dead body. Here, explain how life differentiates the living and the dead. What characteristics does a person alive have that the dead do not have?
  • Explain the sequence of mental and physical experiences that form an individual’s existence. Try explaining how an individual’s life makes them act the way they do. For instance, an individual with perfect health and wealth experiences life differently from one who is physically ill and mentally unstable.
  • Further, explain what spiritual life is. Various religions believe in life after death. Explain to your audience what this other life entails. You can do so by explaining how Christians or Buddhists’ experience the afterlife.
  • An essay about life can also entail a specific stage of life like teenage life, adult life, old age, child life. Explain these phases and how life is different with the different stages.
  • Also, explain life as an individual’s way of living. One’s manner of living is extensive since individuals lead live uniquely. Some are carefree, others struggle through life due to minimal resources, other people experience wonderful experiences due to the vast wealth they have, and others are content with their lives. Choose few explanations and differentiate them to explain how people lead life.
  • Explain the beauty of life. They can include being alive, having a family, physical and mental well-being, peace, and friendships.
  • Highlight and explain some of the challenges that individual face in life. They include the fears, hurdles, resentments, and disappointments.
  • Express your stand on life. Elaborate how you think individuals should live. You can advise your audience to make the most of their lives since it is irreversible and limited. You can also urge them not to take life for granted by treasuring it and the various experiences. You can advocate for life and explain that life happens according to one’s mental well-being. This means that one enjoys life if they choose to enjoy it instead on focusing on the challenges of life. You can also advise them not to take life seriously especially when facing various challenges.
  • Lastly, provide few recommendations on how people can live better and enjoy life. They can include focusing on the beauties of life, spending time with family and friends, taking care of one’s physical and mental well-being, choosing happiness, and doing more of the things that they love and enjoy doing.

Finally, the conclusion of your essay should include a summary of your key

Finally, the conclusion of your essay should include a summary of your key points including few definitions and some explanations, a reflection of how the essay conveys your thesis statement, and insistence on the various recommendations that individuals can adopt to enjoy life.

An essay about life is quite extensive. Ensure that you capture the true essence of life in your article.

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