How to Choose Great Human Trafficking Essay Topics? + 75 FREE Topics

Human trafficking essays focus on the global issue that keeps growing rapidly. While it’s a sensitive subject, students should handle it with tact and awareness. There are many little details one should consider when writing a human trafficking essay. For once, choosing a good topic is a crucial element for a successful and powerful paper. Select something you feel passionate about or interested in, take into account the latest events, and you are sure to create an excellent paper. A properly chosen topic secures about 30% of the final grade.

Do you need some ideas on what to write about? Keep reading to learn everything about the writing process as well as numerous possible topics for your future paper.

Where to Find Human Trafficking Essay Topics?

In case you are on the lookout for excellent topics for human trafficking research papers, you may always open the news site and find plenty of information there. Your supervisor might have some ideas or send you in the right direction based on the earlier research papers.  Aside from that, you may read the list with 75 different options here.

News items

Do you need the latest information on this phenomenon? Get the scoop from the media. Different news sites and even social media accounts are sure to highlight some major events and help you narrow down the research field. Since media shapes our society, the latest news will show only the currently relevant facts.

Your research supervisor

You may discover a good human trafficking thesis when talking to your teachers about the assignment. They may recommend reputable reference sources or advice on which angles to explore. Moreover, they may help discard outdated or irrelevant topics.

Previous research works

When reading papers from other researchers on the topic, one may discover suggestions for further studies. Some suggestions are quite precise while others only mention the areas that were left out. Explore different papers until you discover a suitable topic.

Tips on How to Choose Human Trafficking Essay Topics

To create a perfect human trafficking research paper, you need more than a strong topic. The rest of the text is equally important. You should be consistent, persuasive, and support your arguments with news, statistics, etc. Use the following tips to write the best essay on this theme.

Do your research

Getting data from reliable sources is a way to create a compelling and powerful paper. There are lots of websites and organizations that raise awareness and help fight this problem. Use only recent facts!

Statistics are key

Even in the human trafficking thesis statement, you can add some numbers. They reflect the real size of the issue and help represent the true state of things. Throughout the text, students should use precise numbers. They do not only show the profound research you’ve made but resonate with the readers, appealing to their compassion.

Don’t be too complex

While it’s a complicated topic, the text itself should be straight and simple. Account for the academic writing style but comprehensively deliver your idea. Pay attention to the word choice, avoid repetition, and read the text several times to simplify your arguments. They should be clear and powerful.

Use facts

Any human trafficking paper must operate with facts. Emotions, gossips, and similar things won’t produce the wanted impression. Refer to reliable and reputable sources to get solid evidence. While you may add a touch of emotions, remember to explain them with facts, statistics, and other proof.

Create outlines

Sketch an outline once you have all information at your disposal. The main statement should reflect the reason why you chose the topic and what angle you want to pursue. However, keep in mind that during the writing process, the essay might take you in a different direction or lead to another conclusion. Check and adjust the outline once you finish writing the paper.

75 Great Human Trafficking Essay Topics

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of possible topics that are sure to be helpful when you write an essay on human trafficking. Pick one or adjust it to your liking.

  1. Human trafficking awareness;
  2. What is human trafficking?
  3. How to prevent human trafficking?
  4. The most well-known trial cases regarding human trafficking;
  5. Human trafficking history;
  6. Human trafficking vs kidnapping;
  7. Human trafficking legislation in different countries;
  8. From history to modern times: human trafficking trends;
  9. Human trafficking and child labor;
  10. How do criminals choose victims of human trafficking?
  11. Human trafficking is a global problem;
  12. Physiological effects in victims of human trafficking;
  13. Human trafficking vs human rights;
  14. How to stop human trafficking?
  15. Human trafficking is one of the reasons that slow down evolution;
  16. Human trafficking investigations;
  17. Governmental organizations that deal with human trafficking;
  18. Non-governmental organizations that deal with human trafficking;
  19. Terrible crime against humanity;
  20. Why criminals get involved in human trafficking?
  21. Illegal organ harvesting;
  22. Prostitution and human trafficking;
  23. Slavery in the 21st century;
  24. Websites dealing with the problem of human trafficking;
  25. A controversial proposal that destroys lives;
  26. The causes for human trafficking;
  27. Human trafficking in developed countries vs 3rd world countries;
  28. Consequences of human trafficking;
  29. Should laws be stricter about human trafficking?
  30. Legal implications of human trafficking in different states of the USA;
  31. What are the penalties for human trafficking in different countries?
  32. The ethics and values: human trafficking;
  33. How can human trafficking impact criminals and their families?
  34. How can human trafficking impact victims and their families?
  35. Human trafficking: causes, process, and effects;
  36. Does prostitution lead to human trafficking or vice versa?
  37. Modern-day slavery;
  38. Not for Sale campaign;
  39. Human trafficking in Europe vs Africa;
  40. The connections between Mexican drug cartels and human trafficking;
  41. Psychological traumas in victims of human trafficking;
  42. A way to resolve the problem of human trafficking;
  43. How do countries fight human trafficking?
  44. Is human trafficking an act of terrorism?
  45. Human trafficking is the most dangerous epidemic;
  46. Global multi-billion-dollar industry of human trafficking;
  47. Mental and physical tortures of the human trafficking victims;
  48. Contemporary slavery;
  49. Human trafficking: child sex trafficking;
  50. Celebrities that were charged with human trafficking;
  51. How does social media influence human trafficking?
  52. Celebrities’ impact on human trafficking;
  53. Human trafficking is more widespread than you think;
  54. Does illegal immigration lead to human trafficking?
  55. The most effective solutions to human trafficking issue;
  56. Crimes against humanity;
  57. The victims of human trafficking and their access to healthcare;
  58. Human trafficking vs sex trafficking;
  59. The horrors of human trafficking that should be brought to light;
  60. Tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking;
  61. The four-step process of human trafficking;
  62. Poor countries have more developed human trafficking systems;
  63. The biggest human trafficking raid in the USA;
  64. Reasons why women and children are most trafficked;
  65. Human trafficking events responsible for armed conflicts;
  66. The role of the Internet in the phenomenon of human trafficking;
  67. Rehabilitation for victims of human trafficking;
  68. Investigating the nature of human trafficking;
  69. Analyzing the global problem of human trafficking;
  70. Is it possible to stop human trafficking?
  71. Human trafficking is a social problem;
  72. The forms of human trafficking;
  73. The Polaris Project;
  74. The correlation between globalization and human trafficking growth;
  75. Runaway children and human trafficking.

The list can go on indefinitely since it’s a huge issue. You can approach it from the historical, physiological, political side or pick any other angle you are interested in.

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