What to write in an essay about sport

What to write in an essay about sport

Sport activities involve physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. When writing an essay on sport, it is important to highlight the growth of sports and the impact it has on society. Another good example of what to write is to highlight how sports are structured the drive behind them as well.

Athletes in action

Athletes in action

An essay about sport would be incomplete without highlighting the running of these activities. Through detailed structured participation as a way to either improve or maintain physique and skills while at the same time entertaining participants and spectators alike, not forgetting as a way to eke out a living. Often, the requirement is that for these activities to qualify as sporty, they have to be competitive between two or more opponents seeking to outdo each other.

Since the 1900s, these activities have been organized mostly into tournaments of some sort in which teams have to play against each other chosen randomly at the start of what is known as in most of them, a season. The best teams advance as others are either dropped from the competition, or the teams are ranked pointwise with the best being awarded more points. At the end of the season, the top two teams or the best two compete against each other in a competition referred to as the season finals. The team that emerges the best is then awarded first prize in the form of a trophy or monetary award, sometimes both, not forgetting the bragging rights that come with such a fate

Addressing recognition in an Essay about Sport

Here, one can highlight what regulatory bodies require to recognize an activity as a sport: As far as their being recognized by their respective bodies as sports is concerned, the said activities have to meet a certain number of requirements or prerequisites as per the regulatory body’s definition. For instance, for the international Olympic Committee (IOC), the biggest sports regulation body of all to recognize a sporting activity Olympic worthy, the activity has to meet their definition which has to include systemic activities founded on bodily athleticism or dexterity. To put these into better perspective, there are other regulatory bodies like the Council of Europe which does not recognize some activities as being sporty if they preclude physical activity. Instead, these activities get recognition as mind sports because they are mental and are competitive. A winner is chosen based on their goal-scoring prowess if they cross the finish line first or judged by judges based on sporting presentation, technicality or artistry of a team or individual during the performance.

Ingredients of a sports essay

An essay about sport would not be just if it did not highlight fairness as it is considered by regulation. Also known as fair play, there are certain prerequisites that ensure there is fair play in all competitive activities. Sportsmanship advocates for being courteous to colleagues and rivals, integrity, behaving ethically as well as being gracious whether you have won or lost. Cheating also is highly discouraged in sporting activities as lately, it has become a plague owing to the surge in gambling on the outcome of sporting activities. Governing bodies albeit try as best to curb this by enforcing the principle that results should not be determined beforehand and thus giving opponents equal chance of success.

There has as well been concern over doping or using of banned substances that enhance performance. For this reason, the international Olympic committee requires that all sporting activities they recognize should implement a program that tests regularly whether athletes in their field are doping. Those found to be are either fined, heftily, or banned from participating or both. Some are even stripped of their trophies for the time that they are found to have won unfairly. Including these aspects in an essay about sports would make it very interesting to read. We offer custom writing essays on sports. Please contact us now to have your order addressed.

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