Why Would You Be Asked to Write Essays on Censorship?

Why Would You Be Asked to Write Essays on Censorship?

This must be the first question that comes to mind when you receive your assignment. Why write about censorship? What makes this an important issue? Why should you care about it?

It is quite normal for you to have all these questions, and getting answers will be the first step in your essay writing process.

You should care about censorship because it takes away an individual’s freedom. From writers to videographers to news stations, censorship simply puts a limit on how much they can show the world. Now, making a decision on whether censorship is necessary in some situations, or whether it should be allowed at all is the main reason why you should write this essay.

From the brief explanation offered above, you must already have a vague picture of what type of essay you are going to write. It is quite likely that essays on censorship take on an argumentative structure.

To make your life even easier now that you understand why you should write an essay on this controversial topic, here is a simple outline that will guide you in argumentative essay writing.

Writing Argumentative Essays on Censorship

Writing Argumentative Essays on Censorship

Once you have chosen this format for your essay, you should know that in a nutshell argumentative essays state a position on a controversial issue and give factual evidence to support the position that has been taken.

An argumentative essay might have one of the following intentions:

  • Fact checking – arguing out whether a fact is true or not
  • Defining an issue – arguing that one definition is the correct one
  • Establishing the value of an issue – how important is this issue? Should people pay more attention to it?
  • Cause and Effect – simply proving that this cause has these effects.
  • Policy – arguing out why a policy should or should not change.

Censorship could fall under any of the above argument claims, and it is up to you to choose one which fits best.

The next step in writing your essay is to structure a strong thesis. Here, the options are limitless. You could have your thesis in the form of an answer to a topic question. For example, “Does censorship limit freedom of expression?” Answer, “Censorship limits freedom of expression because… (Reason 1), (Reason 2), (Reason 3)…” The question could be the title of your essay while the answer becomes your thesis.

Another option might be for your thesis to refute other ideas for example “Although many people think censorship limits freedom of expression, studies have proven that…”

Having structured your thesis, you need to add it to the last part of your introductory paragraph. A well-written introduction will not only catch the attention of your audience but also include a clear thesis that hints at what is to come.

A proper introduction leads to the next part of the essay in a seamless manner. Your reader has to see the connection between these two parts of your argumentative essay. Remember the reasons given in your question-answer thesis format? Well, those form the subject of each of your body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have its own idea/reason/ fact and must also comprise of evidence supporting the reason.

An important thing to note at this point is that you must document all your sources. The reader must be able to check the authenticity of the facts you have used. Not doing so will amount to plagiarism.

Finally, you are at the conclusion of your essay. What must you include after making your argument? Emphasis. Reiterate your thesis. Remind the reader of your research question and show them how you have answered it successfully. The conclusion is all about summing up your argument.

Now, you are ready to write an argumentative essay about censorship. Follow the steps outlined above, and, most importantly, always keep in mind the importance of censorship and your motivation for arguing out certain aspects of this issue.

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