Writing an Essay on Cultures: Tips and Ideas

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

Culture is the stitched and woven fabric of our inter-relations as humans that live, learn and develop together through multigenerational accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, consensus, and differences. We are all influenced by cultures, some less visible than others, and humans as a genteel society gravitate towards common norms, beliefs, and outlooks.

Cultural influence manifests itself in all aspects of our living:

Culture brings all of us together, being members of one species, but it is also an effect of our various races, textures, languages, locations, and history.

 To write a good essay on cultures, it is important to understand what factors contribute to its development, exploring each of these and whether it has or hasn’t contributed positively to its progress, the micro and macro factors that cause its change over time and how we can use it to our benefit as people. You Can’t Write a Great Essay on Cultures if You Don’t Understand Your Own!

Everybody has a culture or some cultural influence upon them, however subtle.

Some cultures are loud in terms of food, others in terms of sport. Still, others have a great fashion sense that will blow your mind away. Culture gives color to our world and makes it interesting and possible to learn something new every day. Some of the most successful business executives working for multinational giants and conglomerates spend a good portion of their time traveling the world learning about different cultures and people. The result is greater open-mindedness and ability to build products that are suited to the norms of the people of a particular area because they understand that cultural dictates strongly influence the choice of products used. To write a good essay about culture, one would begin by understanding their own environment and what behaviors are specific to their locality and upbringing.

Culinary architecture is one of the most important and distinct ways to showcase different culture. Food and the process that builds it is almost as distinct as the number of people who live on Earth because tastes vary greatly. Over time, however, specific distinctions become clearer and more aligned to certain localities, and thus the concept of staple dishes is born. In East Africa, for example, ‘Ugali’ or corn cake is a staple dish.

Don’t Forget to Mention the Importance of Preservation in Your Essay on Cultures

We live in a great big world being made smaller each day by technology and other devices that bring us closer together. We are learning new things about new people that we didn’t even know existed, but at the same time, we face an even greater risk of losing that precious thing that makes us unique but also ultimately different.

Cultures have been diluted, and in other areas, some have become extinct. While it is important to make our contribution as the current generation to cultural development, it is of even greater importance to make sure we preserve the tapestry that has been woven throughout the history. The ‘Maasai’ of Kenya is a classic example of a people fighting hard to preserve and protect their culture in a rapidly changing world where the importance of such things is held as trivial. And while some aspects of their culture are regressive, preservation of the positive aspects is important.

 The Japanese have had a millennial cultural development that has evolved  over thousands of years. Though the age of Samurai has completely passed, the people have preserved their distinct culture through food, literature, art, architecture and with the advent of technology, film, and gaming.

In Tokyo, one finds a highly evolved society that still finds joy in the beauty of its past and lives out that beauty.

Culture is to be protected and practiced. It evolves naturally but learning it teaches us an understanding of the people that made it come to life. It brings us together in ways that few other things do. Consider developing this idea in your essay.

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