During your academic life at one point you may be asked to attempt critical thinking essay topics which are quite different from the traditional type of essays. Critical thinking refers to the reasonable and reflective type of thinking that analyses a topic deeper and giving a different insight on the whole topic that another person may not have realized.

Writing this kind of essay, it is demanded that you choose a favorable topic and use critical thinking to analyze the topic. You are required to dig deeper into the topic and analyze all the strengths and weaknesses that concern the topic.

It is much different than the other normal essays where you can state an opinion or topic without giving sufficient reasons why you have said or supported it. Therefore, writing of this kind of essays requires skill and guidelines that when followed will enable one to produce excellent results.

Tips for preparing to write

  • Choose the right topic: it is important to choose a right topic that you will be able to analyses well with ease, and one that you consider might have content that you can be able to research into. Choosing the right topic can be guided by what your instructor requires you to achieve at the end of the exercise, therefore, keep that in mind. Also, you can choose a good topic basing on the audience that you are targeting. Most importantly make sure that you choose a topic that interests you since it will be easier to work on it.
  • Perform critical analysis on the topic: once you have chosen the topic that you are going to tackle in the critical thinking essay topic the next step is to have a deep analysis on that topic. Get to know all that concerns the topic without leaving anything behind. Exercise your mind to take a look on the topic and come up with detailed information that concerns If the possible search for other materials that have relevant information concerning the topic.
  • Take notes: as you are analyzing the topic and researching it on other sources make notes on a separate platform so that when it comes to writing the final draft, you will have reminders of what you intend to write and at the same time have a neat and organized flow of content. After taking the notes, go through them and identify the strong points that will help your essay and those weak points that will act as supporting text for your essay.
  • Search for reliable and credible sources: for such essays, one needs to provide an analysis that is based on facts and at the same time facts that have been offered by experts in the topic that you are writing on. Therefore looking for sources to get your information is important and at the same time be sure that it has been reviewed by experts. The best move is to go the library and search for materials which will be suggested by the librarian. Although, the internet is an easier way for one to acquire information it should be done with caution since many people who post the information are not experts in the field since there are no restrictions to the posting.


  • Thesis statement: for any type of essay work a thesis statement is important and more so for the critical essays. Create a tentative thesis statement that will appear at the end of your introduction paragraph. The thesis statement will generalize your critical opinion on the topic and give the reader a preview of what the rest of the body will be discussing about. Make sure that the thesis statement provides enough information.
  • Paragraphing: each and every paragraph in the essay should consist of a single evidence that is aiming at explaining or supporting the thesis statement. The paragraphs should have a topic statement that captures the attention of the reader and at the same time give them a small synopsis of what you are going to talk about in the rest of the paragraph. The introduction paragraph should consist of a background information on the topic so as to familiarize the reader on the topic that you have chosen.
  • Conclusion: the last paragraph should consist of the concluding phrases that reinstate the thesis statement and at the same time summarize the whole job.
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