We’ll Offer Several Edusson Reviews and Let You Be the Judge

Edusson is an online writing company that specializes in academic writing such as:

  • theses;
  • dissertations;
  • essays;
  • term papers and other examples of writing.

While the site design has been done tastefully, many customers have charged that the quality of work offered by Edusson has been compromised. Students have often complained about the lack of a clear quota of the charges per page on their website, even after providing them with the necessary information. The average price for a university essay is about 20 dollars a page, which is substantially high.
Not only does Edusson make unreasonable demands on pricing, but they also give you non-original papers while at it. Edusson claims they only have the best writers. Edusson writers are known for producing non-original papers and their editors (if they have any) do a pretty bad job of checking for any mistakes that may arise in these papers. Customers have also often complained that Edusson doesn’t adhere to the essay instructions that are presented by the customer.

Edusson Review: What You Need to Know About Edusson Paper Writing

Several Edusson paper writing reviews allude to the fact that the service has taken cash from many customer credit cards without their knowledge. Several folks who have used this service have also attested to the fact that they haven’t received refunds even after orders were poorly done and complaints raised. The service guarantees perfection with their writing, but as one user puts it, a child would have done a better job on his essay. An Edusson essay promises full work, with editors and professional writers and even automatic spellcheckers. The quality of their final product is however erratic at best. Out of 10 orders that are customer reviewed, only 3 or less have positive feedback.

Vague Is the Word That Best Describes the Edusson Registration Process

There have been several claims of possible identity theft by Edusson. Several customers have complained that Edusson has approached them to be hired as writers but immediately after they submitted their ID, Edusson rejected their applications. There have also been complaints about how the company treats their writers. One example has been given of a 4-page research paper with a two-day deadline, which the client pays 120 dollars for. The writer only gets a 30-dollar cut from this deal. There have been claims of both writer and client harassment by the company.
A serious complaint that has been leveled against them is that of bots operating the site. Users claim that the service desk is not actually composed of people but autoresponders. Any problems raised by customers are usually redirected to the writer, who may take a lot of time to respond. Their website isn’t the easiest to use.
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