Customer Service on EssayShark Com is Poor at Best

EssayShark markets itself as one of the leading essay-writing companies in the world, based in the US and with a strong presence in the UK. Many customers agree that the writing quality isn’t perfect but works for students in a rush. The company has been accused of not responding to customer queries and even going as far as threatening customers when they raise complaints. Once you click on the site, you’ll be enticed by the cool graphics and professionally laid out services. Don’t be fooled, however. This EssayShark scam permeates into their writing. Plagiarized papers and unresponsive customer service folks. Students have also complained about the quality of the site, which makes it really slow to upload or download papers.

Before You Sign On, Read Our EssayShark Review

Some of the issues raised include:

  • Poor writing by claimed ‘professionals’
  • Possible identity theft
  • Threatening of customers by the company

Customers often complain about the quality of work that is produced on this site. Poor grammar is often reported by most customers who subscribe to this service. EssayShark writers and editors are claimed to be from Pakistan the Middle East and far east Asia, which isn’t an issue except where English writing and editing starts becoming a challenge. As one disappointed customer puts it, some of EssayShark’s writers ‘couldn’t write for the life of them.’ This dents their reputation.
EssayShark claims that its writers are all highly qualified, with some having as much as graduate degrees. They use this to misrepresent the kind of writing they do because the quality of work that customers receive isn’t commensurate with what the service promises as the outcome.

Your EssayShark Login May Not be Secure

Some tech-savvy users have complained that EssayShark’s servers may not be the most secure and that phishing of customer information may be taking place either with or without their knowledge.
Many qualified writers have been rejected with no valid explanation after submitting their IDs and other documents. As a customer, once you use your EssayShark sign in, you may actually be submitting your sensitive data to 3rd parties you know nothing about. Once you complete your EssayShark sign up, you may have sent your personal information into the wrong hands.

Too Many EssayShark Reviews Can’t Be Coincident

Customers frequently complain that EssayShark’s moneyback guarantee is actually a sham. That, by approving the different stages which the document has to pass through, you automatically pay (non-refundable) and that by viewing the final result, you cannot cancel these payments and everything’s final.
The company has been given an average review of 5/10 by most customers who have used the service. EssayShark doesn’t rank in any of the top essay-writing company reviews.

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