Most Ultius Reviews Are Great. Here’s the Flip Side

great reviews, but this is just one face of the coin. The first complaint leveled against the company is their extremely high prices. Ultius, Inc., the company behind the writing has been accused severally of faking some of its reviews and in some instances even hiring actors to do positive reviews of the company. If it is such a great company, with all these professional writers and great reviews, why would they need to hire actors to do great videos about them?
Issues that need to be addressed are:

  • Its pricing
  • Its legality
  • Its professionalism

Eye-Opening Ultius Review

Ultius, Inc. spends a lot of cash on their sales and marketing pitches. Once customers sign on, support suddenly diminishes. Their homepage generally lacks clear instructions. Most of our concerns with Ultius arise from credibility issues raised in the past by customers and folks who stopped using the service. Their customer service staff has generally been accused of being too lax.

Some customers have complained that Ultius offers half-baked service, with plagiarized work, papers not passed through spell and grammar checks, and non-refund of payment even after customers complain about the service.

The Evidence Points to Ultius Cheating

Many individuals have come forward to complain about the apparent lack of etiquette and professionalism from Ultius. While feedback on the quality of its essays is generally positive, many cases are being reported by customers about the terrible service they receive from its customer service reps. Responses are usually quite slow, and in many cases, the person behind the keyboard isn’t a person but a bot. Ultius writing usually takes a lot more time than most customers bargain for therefore there is always the possibility that you might hand in an assignment late.

Ultius Inc Is the Engine behind the Con

My Ultius, which is the landing page of the company claims that all its writers are American freelance writers, some of whom have a degree and masters’. For a company that claims to have native speakers, however, most of their documents usually have lots of errors, both grammatical and logical.

There have been concerns about the number of cases of plagiarism on the website, and many unhappy customers have submitted work only to have it rejected by their schools because of the high levels of plagiarism. The main complaint about the service is how expensive it is. Making amendments to a paper also needs one to part with cash. Generally, there are many complaints about the professionalism of some of the writers, and the time it takes for Ultius to respond to customer complaints.

Our view: cases of missed deadlines by writers and non-refunds are rampant.

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