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Every day, millions of students around the world face the same problem – homework assignments. That nightmare is even worse than Freddy Krueger as it is not a dream – it’s a reality. In case a student fails at least one essay during the course, it means something around 10-15% of the total points are deducted from his final grade. It all depends on the complexity of the assignment, of course, but every essay is important when it comes to calculating a great point average (GPA).

You may wonder if there is a possible escape. Earlier, the students tried to get help from their parents, friends, and the most advanced teens searched for the traditional writing agencies to solve their problem by paying some money. However, those writing teams specialized in creative and technical writing instead of the academic one. They did not catch up with all of the changes in the academic writing standards like the format, general purpose, and tone. Besides, to complete a paper in the specific discipline, one has to be an expert in the given area. In other words, no matter how good the author is, he/she will not cope with the Biology assignment without having no idea of the related issues. Moreover, when it comes to the most responsible tasks like coursework projects and dissertations, the writer should demonstrate personal findings based on independent research. Thus, an academic author should also possess excellent research skills. It makes the situation a bit tricky.

So, there were no professional academic writing services back those days. Since the late 90s, the groups of enthusiasts have launched the first writing company for students. Our team has the same specialists:

  • Professional authors,
  • editors,
  • web developers,
  • marketing experts,
  • HR managers,
  • journalists,
  • copywriters,
  • college/university professors.

These people started to unite trying to offer the best possible solution to the problems associated with academic homework writing. The main product of such services is an essay. Most of the academic companies remained quite monotonous in these terms. As for us, we come up with the innovative solution every half a year, and custom essays for sale are just one of the multiple options you can find on our website today.

A custom paper means a content developed from scratch for the needs of the students. In other words, the main goal of our company is to provide any student in trouble with a 100% original text on any topic. It is the last chance for many students who feel helpless. Being helpless in this situation means running out of resources, having no idea of the discussed issues, lacking skills, having no access to the sources demanded by the teacher, and, of course, running out of time. The last issue is, perhaps, the most frequent problem of the modern students. That is what we keep in mind when improving our services.

Essay Papers for Sale That Prevent Postponing and Late Papers

It makes sense that a modern teenager has to get a job and be involved in some other after-class activities to develop and keep fit. Spending all day long on studies is impossible, even though many believe it is the most important goal of any student. Moreover, all people deserve some free time to spend with heir close people. That is what forces some students to postpone their homework assignments.

Delaying the work on homework assignments is the worst decision you may come up with. Well, unless you do not care about your education at all. We recommend taking care of your grades and keeping track of the current progress elsewhere not to fall face down in the dirt. The greatest nightmare of any student is to wake up one day realizing he is failing a course and will have to re-take it. It means wasted time, money, and nerves. Our team is present on the web to prevent your life from destruction due to the academic reasons.

What can we do for you? Our mission is to provide every US or UK student with the premium-level academic content written from scratch. Our vision is to keep moving on until we start producing the best essays for sale. The majority of our customers already believe we are the market leaders, but we are objective enough to realize the power of some competitors. That is why we try to fulfill any gaps in the work of our service with customers in mind.

We conduct regular surveys and send questionnaires to find out whether all of our writers correspond to the high requirements of academic writing. We receive feedback from both clients and writers as we want to guarantee the best working conditions for our employees as well. We understand the correlation between the quality of working conditions and content you receive in the end.

How can one be sure of the quality of our works? The experts we hire predetermine the level of content we produce. Before recruiting a candidate, our specialists examine the knowledge and skills of each carefully. Every job applicant must pass two difficult tests. The first one is a multiple-choice test determining the level of English (we are looking for native speakers only) and some core subjects the person is competent in. The next stage is completing a sample essay on the specific topic. If the candidate is successful, he or she will still have to pass a couple of serious interviews and ongoing training. Once he receives a job offer, we add this person to the Basic list of writers with the limited field of subjects he/she can work on at the beginning stage. It makes sense it is impossible to be equally professional in all fields of study.

More Than Just Essays for Sale Online

What if you need something like a personal statement, coursework, or dissertation? Those are all papers of extra proficiency level. Besides, they may predetermine your further fate. We do not let just any author work on a serious assignment like that. Only an advanced group of writers have access to the orders associated with MA or Ph.D. level. We have a separate department, which takes care of Business Administration degrees such as BBA or MBA. As far as business sciences have specific terminology, we make sure the writers know it. Besides, they should be ready to deal with accounting and statistical reports to work in the BA team.

So, it is not like a team of 800 writers that have an absolute freedom of choice. Do not worry if you need help with something that requires more experience and skills. In fact, it depends on how well a customer specifies the instructions. If we see a desired academic level from the first sight, we assign the writer or editor with corresponding knowledge. There is no chance your dissertation in History will be written by the basic writer who specializes in precise sciences.

A client should consider some other factors when filling out the Order Form. The following things may influence the final price and even the quality of your work: subject, topic, academic level, format, urgency, number of pages, any attachments (optional). The most important part of the Order Form is the instruction, of course. A student should copy-paste the exact requirements of the teacher or professor to obtain the most accurate solution to the problem/response to the answer. If you have any attachments, do not hesitate to attach them. Besides, you can also add the samples of your own works to allow copying your personal style if you want your paper to be persuasive enough.

In any case, our teacher will have no idea the paper was written by someone else. The thing is total privacy is one of our company’s guarantees, meaning the fact of our cooperation will remain unknown to anyone. You can even skip mentioning your real name, address, or educational institution. It is okay to remain anonymous. As for the payment details, they may contain some info, but we never share it with the third-party faces. Even the best spy will not find out you are cooperating with us. Overall, the list of warranties contains:

  • Total Privacy
  • Online Security
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Revisions Policy
  • Money Back Warranty

In case you are not completely satisfied with the work of your assigned writer or editor, you can request revisions for two weeks after the order delivery. It is a free option every client can use. You may also switch to another writer for free if we discover the assigned writer is really guilty of the inappropriate content. In most cases, we recommend this option in case there is something you would like to fix or add. If you are still disappointed for some reasons, we guarantee a full compensation. This way, you are not losing anything. That is why we suggest that you place an order as soon as you receive an assignment so that there is some time left for you to check the final paper and make your verdict.

Another thing to admit is that our writers handle any type of urgency. They also deliver the finished paper before the deadline to make it possible to check the content thoroughly. In case you stay satisfied, we would ask to leave a comment or feedback if you have time. Our team is always thankful to users who leave their testimonials as it helps other potential customers to make their final decision. This way, you help other students in trouble to find the best solution on the market.

Where Can You Find Some Cheap Essays for Sale?

What makes many students buy papers from us is, of course, the price. We will not say that you cannot find pre written essays for sale cheaper than we offer. However, keep in mind that services with unbelievable low prices are fraudulent. First of all, they do not hire native-speaking writers, which results in numerous grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Besides only students are ready to work for the funny money. Those are students just like you, so the chances they know the subject better are rather low. As for the elite, trustworthy, and time-tested writing companies, we really offer the lowest prices. Our goal is to let any student buy a custom essay. Unbelievably high prices of some services prevent young customers from purchasing their content. It is not professional!

We have already mentioned that our company has more than 800 professional essay writers from various fields. The next question you may have is whether their opportunities are unlimited regarding a variety of subjects. Yes! We deal with more than 70 academic disciplines, from Anthropology and History to Chemistry and Statistics. As for the variety of projects we carry out, they include:

  • Essays
  • Lab Reports
  • Movie Reviews
  • Book Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Coursework Projects
  • Admissions Essays
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Dissertations

Perhaps, you have noticed an admissions essay among this list. Well, it is true – our team makes it possible to enter the college or university of your dream. Moreover, many clients share they managed to find a well-paid, interesting jobs thanks to our talented resume writers. These experts will need your resume or application drafts along with the brief questionnaire explaining your educational & career goals. All of our writers possess MA or Ph.D. degrees, meaning they have passed application processes successfully. Also, most of our authors have defended university dissertations so that you can be sure about the quality of big projects as well.

On the whole, when we ask our returning customers about the reasons to choose us, they usually mention the following factors: reliability, dedication, fair pricing, luxury content, the responsiveness of customer support, and all necessary warranties to feel safe. If you are fed up with all those endless writing assignments and exams, you should join the lucky customers from our service as well! Do not hesitate whether we will accept your order – our writing team is increasing all the time, so we have a plenty of human resources to work on each order. No more doubts – just act!