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The formatting of any academic paper is carried out according to the established rules. The text format must fully comply with the methodological instructions of your university.
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You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them hassle-free.

What Is Academic Paper Formatting – and Why Is It Important

You have already chosen, developed, and even implemented a topic. It would seem that little remains to be done – to format it and publish (or defend). However, at the registration stage, you may encounter the main difficulties. If your work does not meet the generally accepted requirements, it will simply not be published (or allowed to defend). It is sad. True, it is only your fault.

To prevent this, you need to be familiar with the main international formatting styles. So what are these styles? Let’s figure it out!

Key Difficulties of Research Paper Formatting

If you “assembled” your assignment from a large number of parts of different scientific papers, most likely, it will need formatting. You need to:

  • Bring mixed fonts, spacing, and style text to a uniform appearance.
  • Transform text (break into paragraphs, columns, or lines).
  • Clean text from unnecessary spaces and invisible characters.
  • Perform a clear text distribution with adherence to the design rules (font size, spacing, required margins, and indents).
  • Do styling footnotes or pagination.

With insufficient knowledge of text formatting programs, this issue takes time. However, a specialist who has experience in this just sets the necessary algorithm in the program. Custom formatting a paper is about changing the appearance of parts of the text or completely transforming it. Formatting includes fonts, alignment, footnotes, spacing, indents, paragraphing, etc.

Text formatting from our specialists is a high-quality job, after which you will receive a stylistically uniform text.

What Paper Formatting Styles We Specialize in

European and American educational establishments have developed several paper formatting styles. Our service supports the most popular:

  • APA.
  • MLA.
  • Oscola.
  • Harvard.
  • ACS.
  • AIP.
  • AMS.
  • IEEE.
  • Turabian.

If you didn’t find the formatting, please contact our manager. We will find a way out of your situation.


APA is the style recommended for link building in scientific papers. This variation is quite popular, although it is not the only possible one. The scope of application covers the social sciences, including law, history, and sociology.

The design of a scientific paper is based on the following basic principle: every time the author cites a source, they use a link. Moreover, it does not matter in what form citation material is mentioned – block quotation, direct quotation in the middle of a line, or paraphrase.


MLA is a formatting and citation option widely used in academic and professional writing. It is the most widely used format for documenting and citing sources in the humanities. This formatting style is used worldwide to create academic papers on the English language, literature, and spelling. MLA essay formatting is used for literary criticism, comparative analysis, cultural studies, media researches, and related disciplines.

In the MLA style, the link to the quotes is provided briefly and clearly so they can be easily found in the bibliography. The source is indicated in “author-page” type. Only the author’s name and the page number should be given in the paper for this type.


The Oscola uses superscript footnotes at the bottom of the bibliographic information page whenever you mention a source. This can be a paraphrase, an inline quote, or a blockquote.

So, in a text with citation, it is necessary to place a superscript digital index (serial number) starting from “1” and continue the numbering until the last page of the paper. The superscript number must be linked to the same number of the footnote with bibliographic information in the annotated list.

Each footnote begins with a paragraph and a superscript numeric index (serial number). If necessary, a list of literature used is formed from footnotes on the last page of the paper.


Different variations of the Harvard research paper formatting style may have different approaches. According to the recommendations of the University of Sheffield, which are the basis of the Harvard style, the order of bibliographic references in the list should be determined according to the following criteria:

  • Links are sorted alphabetically by the author’s last name.
  • A source with one author is placed in front of a source with several ones.
  • If the annotated bibliography contains several same authors’ works, they are sorted by chronology.
  • If several authors’ works were published during the same year, a lowercase Latin letter from “A” to “Z” is added to the year’s value.

Since there are no uniform rules for the Harvard style of citation, there are no specific requirements for using specific fonts, spacing, indents, margins, etc. Therefore, to properly set the format of the bibliography page, you should read the instructions of a particular journal or university and follow them. Or contact your academic advisor or professor for help.

And More

ACS. The style is used for research and development in the field of chemistry.

AIP assumes an indication of the cited material source. Typically, this style is used in formatting a research paper on physics. AIP is a numbered style with links numbered in a way when they appear in the article and listed in that order at the end of the paper.

In AMS formatting, the # sign in brackets represents the reference number of the quotation in the text. There are 4 versions of AMS depending on what type of material you intend to publish: journal articles, memoirs, monographs, study guides, or research articles.

IEEE is used in the field of electronics and computer science to write scientific papers. In this citation formatting style, links are numbered, and quotations are included in the paper in square brackets. At the bottom of the whole document, the annotated bibliography list includes all information next to the corresponding citation number.

Turabian formatting is mainly used to format student research papers. Turabian is most commonly used in literature, history, and art disciplines. This formatting also provides a system of notes and bibliography.

Open the Order Form and See Your Formatting Options

The most important thing in our work is the opportunity to provide clients with free time. Extensive experience in writing academic papers allows us to quickly (in comparison with the client) make formatting. Thus, the clients save time collecting information and the direct writing of academic papers.

Our service supports 10+ formatting styles. You can familiarize yourself with them and find out the price in the free and quick order form.

Formatting Is Free for You – Here’s Why

Formatting is a paid service of our service. However, it may be free of charge for you. All papers that customers order undergo free formatting with the chosen style.

Ordering paper will give you even more free time to deal with more important personal or scientific issues. The free formatting service will make the paper writing service price even more attractive. Write to us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


We have prepared a FAQ list to make it clearer why you should trust our online formatting service.

How many formatting styles are there?

The service supports more than 10 types of formatting. Even if you did not find the type you need in the order form, write to the manager. We can help you.

How to request the required paper formatting style?

You can order formatting an essay using a convenient free order form on the website.

How do I know what format is required for my paper?

If you have any questions about which college essay formatting style suits your paper best, write to our manager. Our specialists have extensive experience working with academic papers and will help you with the best option.

Is it safe to share my data here?

Our company has been operating for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of clients. Encryption will be used to protect your data, and we strictly follow the privacy policy.

Will you finish formatting my paper on time?

Yes. You will receive your document just in time. Otherwise, we will refund your money.

Need Help with Formatting Your Paper? Our Experts Can Do It!

Correct text formatting is required on any academic paper. You can order the service on the website of our company. We offer our clients bonuses and promotions. You can always talk to our manager through the convenient built-in live chat if you have any questions.

The academic paper formatting is a high-quality transformation of the paper into the desired form and style. We work 24/7 to guarantee compliance with the agreed deadlines and a high-efficiency level.

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