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Works of Art in the Baroque period are indentified with their apparent and embellished motion. It involved straightforwardly interpreted facts that created excitement, anxiety, enthusiasm, and magnificence in sculptures made. This form of art originated from Rome and spread into many European countries. Its success is mostly related to the involvement of the Catholic Church in reaction to the reorganization that was in protestant churches. The catholic people sort after the artists so that they could make the arts in a different but straightforward manner. They wanted the forms of arts to converse spiritual themes in straight and expressive involvement. The baroque period specialized in different styles to produce admirable forms of art. Among these styles, the most used and appreciated by the public was the Baroque works. These works included both sculptures and paintings. Various works were done by different artists and got the attention of many people. The sculptures had different characteristics from already existing ones. These sculptures had an additional duty to perform with an exception of being works of art. For example, the sculpture about Saint Theresa in Ecstasy was used for the church and other sculptural elements.

Bernini Lorenzo, who was a leading sculptor during his time, did the sculpture to completion. The sculpture was put in place to convey information about the saint, but also served as a window. It worked to conceal a window that let in light via the church roof. It blocked light that was coming from the roof of the church. Bernini designed the sculpture in the mid years of the sixteenth century. It is a malleable white marble statue that is bordered by a polychromatic sandstone architectural frame.

The maids of honor are a work of art that is in a form of a painting. It is a painting by Diego Velazquez, who is rated outstanding in the Spanish Golden Age. It is an illustration of realism and delusion, which creates an imbalance flanked by the observer and the figures shown in the painting. It is a popular painting especially in the western side, because of its complexities. Many analysts have taken there time to give their ideas as shown in the painting.

The work of art shows different maidens in a large room that resembles one of palaces rooms. Many analysts have tried to prove that it is the palace if king Philip in the Madrid. The painting shows a young girl who is dressed like a bride. She is surrounded by a number of other girls who seems to be a bit older than she is. The girls are dressed in away to suggest that they are maids of honor. Some of them are in a conversation with the bride whereas others seem to be looking at the audience. These differences are what many analysts differ as they result to varied conclusions. They do not understand the reasons for the differences in the way the maids of honor are painted. Some of them seem to view the audience from the inside of the canvas used for the painting. They do not have similar conclusions leading to the reason the maids of honor seem older than the bride does.

In the painting, there is a dog that could be analyzed as a pet. There is a person standing at the entrance to the room where the bride is. This could be used to show that the young girl is a princess of the palace hence the security. In addition, a mirror shows the reflection of a portrait of two people, a woman, and a man. Many people have tried to prove that these two people are the king and queen of the palace. This two images have created a lot of controversy as to where they are been reflected. Some individuals believe that it was in the painting that Diego seems to be painting. Others prove that they appear to be placed at the same position as the viewer hence cannot be in the painting. This has been a reason for a lot of controversy related to this painting. This painting has been known as the theology of painting.

The starry night is a painting by Vincent van Gohn. His art is based on various religious beliefs since he claimed to have a need for religion. The starry night painting shows the sky on a certain night as viewed through a window. There have been many disagreements on the time the painting was done, because some people believe it was done during the day. This can only prove that it was painted out of memory. If this is a true depiction, it is believed that the painting could have been better. The painting shows a village that is below a revolving sky. Many people believe that the painter had in mind that the view was from the north. In the painting, there is a lot of nature that is depicted. There are alpines to the left of the painting, which is surrounded by a number of hills. However, the hills are singled out to be the only part of the painting that is not from an original view. They seem to have been removed from a different part of the surrounding. To some people, the artist was trying to appreciate the excellent works of God’s creation in relation to nature.

The above-discussed forms of art have both similar and different characteristics. The artists did their work with a lot of commitment hence the ability to gain approval from varied critics. The three works have tried to focus on religion whereby there is some essence of the bible in the overall view of the works. The paintings have a combination of appearances creating a similarity in their form. For some reason, an individual would conclude that there was some similar aspiration related to the art works. Although there are many similarities, it is essential to highlight the differences. Two of the works are done under the style of painting and have been improved by having oil painting. The remaining work is under the sculptures but has a similar form and subject matter as the rest of the works.

After releasing their works of art to different places, artists wait for critics to rate their work. Out of the three, two of them did their work and followed a similar routine. Similarly, they had similar styles that involved working on canvas. However, it is essential to note that the artist for the starry night had many doubts about his painting. This is the reason he shows his dissatisfaction through letters that he wrote to his brother. All the same, his painting received acceptance just like the others and is up to date viewed in various museums. Most of the artists of the time depicted above had an ability to work on varied styles. They could choose between painting, sculptures, or any other available style. It is essential to not that there works have been kept in different museums, but not in their original forms. The sculptures and paintings have been improved to fit the current admirations as par the current world.


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