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Works of Art in the Baroque period are indentified with their apparent and embellished motion. It involved straightforwardly interpreted facts that created excitement, anxiety, enthusiasm, and magnificence in sculptures made. This form of art originated from Rome and spread into many European countries. Its success is mostly related to the involvement of the Catholic Church in reaction to the reorganization that was in protestant churches. The catholic people sort after the artists so that they could make the arts in a different but straightforward manner. They wanted the forms of arts to converse spiritual themes in straight and expressive involvement. The baroque period specialized in different styles to produce admirable forms of art. Among these styles, the most used and appreciated by the public was the Baroque works. These works included both sculptures and paintings. Various works were done by different artists and got the attention of many people. The sculptures had different characteristics from already existing ones. These sculptures had an additional duty to perform with an exception of being works of art. For example, the sculpture about Saint Theresa in Ecstasy was used for the church and other sculptural elements.
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