The play Love’s Labours Lost, by William Shakespeare

The play Loves Labours Lost, by William Shakespeare, is the story of The King of Navarre and his three lords, Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine, who swear an oath to scholarship, which leads them to fast and avoid having any contact with women for three years. Around the same time, the Princess of France arrives, but the King cannot receive her into his court because of this oath. Despite this, the three lords fall in love with members of the Princess’s party and the King falls in love with the Princess. Each of the characters spends time spying on the others and learning of their love for the different members of the Princess’s party. In the end, the men admit their love for the women and decide that they will break the oath and court the women of their choosing. At this time, the King and the lords arrive at the Princess’s dwelling dressed as Muscovites. The women, however, play a prank on the men and dress differently so that the men will mistake them for each other. As the four couples get to know one another, a messenger arrives and tells the Princess that her father has died. This prompts the women to leave and they instruct their suitors to find then again in a year. The reason why this play is so difficult to perform live is that, first of all, there are many scenes in which characters are hiding, which can be difficult to do live. Also, at one point they watch a show, which would also be difficult to incorporate into a live performance.
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