Ethics in Business 2nd assignment

What are the relevant facts?

Artifact is a company which sells ethnic art. Darren is an employee, working for this company as an importer. A customer, Mr. Fredrick Stigler, reaches the company and intends to make a huge sale of woven baskets that are made by Punas Native Americans. The shape, pattern and colour of these baskets denote symbols of important events in the tribe’s long history. The customer is willing to make a huge order only if changes are made in the pattern, color and shape of this basket to meet the demands of his customers. Mr. Darren, as being a Cultural Anthropologist, knows that societies are weakened when the basic cultural symbols are changed. Darren is the only middleman to deal with the Punas. His boss is asking him to go and convince the Punas to bring changes in their woven basket.
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