Impacts of Social Media on Society

With the advancement of technology, media has become the most significant part of the society.  Large-scale mobilization through social networks has increased considerably in the last few years. With the increased access to the Internet, society is now enabled to share information or message quickly by using the social medium that allows protest and movements to be promoted on a large scale. It became possible due to the development of social platforms for the people through which they can communicate effectively and become a part of various social, political and cultural activities. Social media has influenced society through different parameters that includes news, marketing, Internet and other parameters, as well. It brings a prominent impact on society in terms of changing behavior and thinking. Many political or social movements of the history were only possible with the progression of the social media.

Social Media and Political Mobilization

All through the time, Social media has acted as a dynamic medium for Political mobilization, and it is responsible for various different political transformation and movements all around the world. It is evident through the political revolutions in China, U.S, and Egypt that the role of social media is significant when assessed in the political parameters.
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