Improving Benefit for Student of George Brown College

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 Executive Summary

This report aims at reviewing various benefits of students at George Brown College through student association. Its main objective is to analyze different ways in which the benefits can improve academic status of individuals in the campus in addition to social life.


Benefits of student for over time have helped students realize their academic and social support in the immediate society besides finding a dream job in life. It has improved the way students reason, interact and perform daily activities such as sports and games outside classroom.



The student welfare is very important in regards to learning. The campus should provide students with healthy food and medical cover both to local and international student in the campus so that the students can have conducive learning environment. It will make students concentrate in their academic work (Armstrong, 2012).


According to Kuh, (2005) the safety of the student at school enables easy interaction and sharing of ideas as far academic is concerned. The school administration should establish a safer academic environment within the campus. It will encourage free movement of students from one point to another without fear. The library plays a major role in academics student should have full access to all books in regards to their courses. The library department should, therefore, provide students with learning materials on request besides helping them to trace the book in the catalog. It creates interpersonal relationship and sharing of skills in regards to learning.


The campus leadership connects the students with administration. Improving this interaction enables the students to solve issues affecting their daily learning and social life with the authorities. It will create a user-friendly experience between the administration and the student thus improving academic performance of individual students in the campus (Priest, 2008).

Guidance and Counseling

This department helps create awareness on issues affecting student academic welfare besides social life. The campus need to have experienced and understanding personnel to help the student make correct career choices as they learn. It will also help the student know the effect of drug abuse in school in regards to academics.

  Sports Activities

These involve co-curriculum activities that engage the student outside classroom. It helps students interact and know each other besides sharing ideas. It enables the student create a wide network of relationship in the campus. Priest, (2008) asserts that the administration should, therefore, improve these activities by introducing proper sporting equipment and training facilities. The students should have full access to these facilities to avoid delays and wrangles with the sports department.

  Academic Tours

Education requires access to a different environment to enable students have different ideas in regards to their respective courses. It helps students gain social life experiences and life expectations when they interact with other students and tutors from different colleges. The student get motivated out of these academic trips and tours in that they get to learn different ideas that are not incorporated in the course. Improvement of this will lead to better academic excellence since innovative ideas acquired help in practical life and academic issues (Langer & Colton 2003).

 Conclusion and Recommendations

Improvement of student’s benefits in school plays a major role in the academic since it enables the student have a wide perspective view of life in relation to what they are studying at school. In present world, benefits given to students have improved their way of thinking hence contributing to their success in their career. It is advisable for the school management to put in place various learning process to enable students have a better understanding of life.


Armstrong, M. (2012). Armstrong’s handbook of reward management practice improving performance through reward (Fourth ed.). London: Kogan Page.

This handbook gives reviews on issues affecting the learning conditions of students in campus or school. It reviews the issues into details and gives recommendation on how these issues can improve the status of academic of student. The handbook aims at giving improvement guidance to various instructions to help in the improvement of such issues in academics. In addition, it provide management processes to institution in regards to putting into practice some of the issues students have addressed as far their learning condition is concerned.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Kuh, G. (2005). Student success in college: Creating conditions that matter. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

This book discusses various matters related to learning in regards to academic performance of students in school. It reveals various matters of concern that help in improving performance. It also discusses different conditions in learning that contributes to learning. The author visits various issues such as health and co-curriculum activities in relation to the development of a student mind as far as learning is concerned. In addition to that, the book also addresses relevant issues related to the environment that plays a major role in learning besides giving recommendations on how they can improve better learning conditions.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Langer, G., & Colton, A. (2003).Collaborative analysis of student work improving teaching and learning. Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

This book provides the reader with relevant academic issues in regards to learning environment and how they can be improved. The authors have discussed various academic issues that can help a student and school management authority improve the learning and teaching methods. It also analysis various examples of student work with the aim of guiding the student on how to improve on the academic. Besides, the author addresses teaching method that a teacher can use to help the student improve in learning of various issues.

Priest, R. (2008). Effective engagement in short-term missions: Doing it right. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library.

The book gives an overview of various effective issues in relation to student relationship with the teachers in addition to other students. It discusses the advantages of discussion groups that helps the student acquire different ideas in learning. Furthermore, it reviews short missions in academic that can help a student and concerned authority help improve the conditions necessary for learning. It concludes by giving useful recommendation for the improvement of effective learning in most of the schools. The author being a Canadian, also addresses issues affecting most of the schools in Canada and how they can  be solved so that learning to improve.

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