Lives Can Be Destroyed By the Web

One of the most significant developments in the 21st century was the web. It is a form of computer network that comprises of a collection of internet sites that transmit pictures, graphics, texts, animation and sound resources from one computer or browser to the other. The web is a significant innovation with a reliable communication method, information, news, dating sites, easy purchases, payment methods, education, jobs, and training services. However there are many adverse effects that the web has on them. The web is not necessarily a credible source of information as it is filled with all kinds of opinions from incredible research. The web has become a place of dishonest trade where people are cheated out of their hard-earned money. It has also become a haven for stalkers and sycophants who are out in the world to prey on innocent children, men and women. It has limited people’s ability to exercise, therefore, being prone to lifestyle diseases (Mail Online). This paper concurs with Green who states that lives can be destroyed by the web, and it will discuss the various ways that the web has brought destruction upon people’s lives.
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