Smoking in Public Places

This paper seeks to understand the detrimental effects of smoking in public places. The paper sorts to expose the health and social effects of smoking. Studies reveal that a number of the exposure to secondhand smoking from burning tobacco products causes diseases and premature death among no smokers.  Recent data show that deaths in UK in 2003 clocked twelve thousand two hundred with about fifty people dying from smoke in the workplaces (CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This demonstrates the need for ensuring favorable policies for adequate health status.  The growing trend of smokers illustrates that mainly the young generation aged twenty-five to thirty-four and the elder generation enjoy smoking. With the urge of smoking becoming insatiable, most of these people, find themselves smoking in public places such as restaurants, hotels, school corridors among other areas.  The particular experiences are to analyze the working generation collect data on their smoking trends to assess the behavior and effects of smoking. This group consists mainly of providers in the family set up. Therefore understanding their smoking patterns will enable the reader to realize the implication of smoking with their family and also the environment at large. The paper aims at enlightening the reader to understand the impact of nicotine contained in cigarettes. Studies reveal that in 2007, seventy-four percent of the smokers wanted to give up the habit. Due to their addiction levels, this has become difficult (CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
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