The U.S. College system

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The US college system requires that students take general education courses that are mandatory and must be undertaken for the first two years. These include the following: English, Mathematics, life and physical sciences, humanities and fine art, social sciences. There exist transferable courses that are required when a student wants to transfer between colleges.

There are no specific courses required for transfer as each college will prescribe what they think is important and the credits earned from one college are transferred to the other college. A credit is a unit that gives weighting to the value of an academic course at school. Each student earns a number of credits for successful completion of a course. Before transferring a student needs to understand articulation agreements which are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept transferable credits towards a specific academic program (MT).

There are various degrees in the US college system: An Associate Arts degree is a two year educational degree that requires both the general courses such as mathematics, English, science and a number of elective courses such as computers, athletics, performing arts etc. The exact number varies between colleges. Associate in Science degree (AS) courses vary among science fields. Those required for architecture and construction for example include architectural design and construction technology and drafting and design technology (SPC). An associate degree is a two year degree offered by a college while a Master’s degree is given to individuals after studying and demonstrating mastery of a specific field. A PhD. is a high degree which qualifies the holder to teach in a specific field.

Each college candidate must complete 120 semester hours and 38-40 semester course. A semester is equivalent to a term of four to five months study at college. During study students must avoid plagiarism which refers to passing other people information as yours without acknowledging them. It violates the student code as it is seen as cheating. In order to transfer an international student will need their SEVIS record transferred to that school, be accepted first by that school, fill out transfer release form, provide an ISSS with a copy of acceptance letter and then request transfer (GSU).

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