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They eat brains and convert their prey into hunters hence stretching the demographical portion comprising of the dead. Zombies have recently been a major grossing genre of the thriller/horror genre of films. However, what zombies are and what they represent in the current and end of human life has nothing to do with what the humans anticipate but rather the inevitable end of the reign of terror against the environment. It is not apparent that zombies will strike the world all at once but the fact remains that the human life and existence is nearing its end. There are various courses of actions that will deem the human race obsolete to the entire universe as the relevance of humans continues to diminish with reference to pollution and other destructions around the world and the immediate atmosphere

Thesis statement

The Zombie Virus is a catalyst to the process of rendering human beings unable to destroy the environment and/or destabilize the universe any further.


It has been documented and speculated that in the universe, besides the galaxies and other universe-associated objects, that humans are not alone. However, since humans are not alone in the universe, who or what else could be out there? It is hard to imagine that there could be some truth in the UFO stories told by various individuals who in the past have claimed to have experienced bizarre alien-like activities. Aliens are imaginary creatures that are believed to be living in a different solar system. Based on increased human curiosity, many are the times when scientists report to have received weird signals from out of the space. Rationally, these signals, whether actual or imaginary, show that humans are overly anticipating that aliens will visit the earth or even initiate some form of communication.

In order to link aliens, humans, and zombies together; consider an example of two conflicting parties that do not have any form of authority to mediate the cases at hand. As far as human beings exist, they are only capable of surviving on earth and nowhere else in the universe without special input. As much as humans continue to render earth unlivable due to droughts, floods, fires, and war; other occupants of the universe are likely to respond to this ruthless and unethical behavior of the humans. Following the possibility of alien existence, the transgressions that humans have committed against the environment, aliens have noticed that the escalated destruction of earth is likely to destabilize the universe hence putting any other creatures or forms of life in the universe at risk of extinction. Although aliens are not tasked with monitoring and safeguarding the universe, theirs is the duty to ensure that the galaxy they exist in does not suffer as a result of human interference with the system. Hence, in order to retaliate and put an end to humans’ misdemeanors against the universe and earth itself, aliens come up with a bio-weapon with the hash tag reference name, #AHMP. #AHMP is a bio-weapon that carries mutative genes. Once these genes enter a human host, it renders its brain dysfunctional and paralyzes the metabolic system as well.

#AHMP, also known as the Zombie virus, is a bio-weapon designed by aliens and introduced to human hosts who must infect each other rendering the entire world free of humans and destruction to the environment. The Zombie Virus can be transmitted in a number of ways in which the alien-attackers will have an upper hand on the matter. Since human beings are known to develop relationships with one another, it is easy for aliens to select a few targets who must propagate the spread of the virus through the social networks members of the society are so fond of relying on. Additionally, humans are also known to establish and develop relationships with domestic animals such as dogs, various types of birds, and farm animals. Through these relationships with animals, the aliens have an elevated advantage over the situation.

The exchange of fluids among humans and their environment shows there are various ways of spreading the Zombie Virus, which is designed to spread through the exchange of fluids, to spread. Starting with the animals and the environment that humans thrive in, it is rational to relate the survival of humans with the interaction with nature. Humans make animal friends and also depends on animals to produce some form of consumable products. Based on the assumption that aliens introduce the Zombie Virus on animals such as beef cattle or dogs, it is paramount that the spread of the virus would depend on the products acquired from beef cattle as well as exchange of fluids with dogs (individuals who love their pets tend to kiss them). Once the virus is introduced into animal hosts and then transferred to humans, the social networks supporting the livelihoods of humans would be responsible for the demise of the human race.

Consider a case where the first confirmed case is in Washington D.C. involving a family man caught in the streets behaving hysterically by chasing people down and attempting to bite them. Three challenging considerations are made following the first confirmed case of an actual zombie. Firstly, before the case was confirmed to be the Zombie Virus, it is logical to assume that another case was responsible for the current case. Secondly, before the first confirmed case of the Zombie Phenomenon, diagnosis tools and stakeholders must have misdiagnosed other cases and ruled out the Zomboie phenomena. Thirdly, the social networks that family members reported to be infected with the Zombie virus will create other networks with their work colleagues.

It is not established whether mummification of corpses may be the origin of Zombies. However, to render human beings unable to mess up the environment any further will be the ultimate solution to the problem of universe destabilization. In order to understand why the human race deserves to be immobilized from further damage to the environment is because the humans do not hesitate to take on any threat with lethal weapon. Therefore, if the humans will protect themselves from any harm by external forces, the occupants of the larger universe have the same rights to protect the universe from self-destruction. Thus, considering humans are destroying the productivity of earth and escalating the balance between various variables such as ozone layer, oxygen levels, sea levels, dry land, vegetation cover, and climate imbalance, the destruction of earth and its elimination from the solar system would cause the universe to destabilize. In order to prevent the unimaginable from happening, the aliens designed and deployed Zombie Virus to render humans incapable of carrying on with their environmental onslaught.


If it takes the aliens to react against the destruction humans are causing to the environment, then converting humans into zombies is a conservational strategy to protect the bigger picture (universe). It is a personal recommendation that scientists venture into research and prepare an antidote for the zombie virus because, the aliens are already monitoring their targets.