Criminal Justice and Women

Gender & Sexual Studies
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Criminal Justice and Women

Women ought to know their right to avoid the discrimination that would happen against them. The issue of sexual assault is a problem that bother legislator and more so the female legislators. They feel that there is no enough justice that is delivered after one is charged with a sexual assault case.

According to Koss (1988), sexual assault cases are silent epidemic which are on high increase rate yet they goes unreported to the authority. Most sexual assault cases occur between strangers. It mostly occurs to the late adolescent women although children also are not exempted. For this case, the middle level age women are the most affected or targeted by rapist hence they should take extra caution on themselves.

Many victims of rape do not report that they have sexually harassed since they will think that they will not be believed. They also tend to fear that they will be discriminated or feel rejected in the society due to the rape incident. There should be a well established hospital to cater for the rape victims whereby they will be free to discuss their problem. (Abbey et al, 1996) Sexual assault crime is a serious offence on a woman hence the offender should be punished accordingly to ensure that he will not repeat the act again in future. For this case, the legislator should ensure they pass a bill in parliament that would ensure that law would be enacted to protect sexually assaulted women. Sometimes the criminal justice is not fair when the sexual assault cases are being heard. They are not fair to the rape victim and they tend to even put her on a lot of shame when she might be asked to demonstrate what really happened during the rape incident. For this case, they should not harass the rape victim by asking them to demonstrate what really happened on the fateful day. The court should rely on the doctor’s report that was written when the rape victim reported the case to a hospital. When it comes to sexual assault case, the primary goal is not to punish the offender. A solution should be made to ensure that the offender does not repeat the action again in future. For this case, one should investigate the reason that lead to sexual assault incident. Many sexual assault cases happen as a result to alcoholism hence the issue of alcoholism should be addressed on the offender.The rape victims on the other hand need to be counseled by a professional counselor in order for them to come to term with the sexual assault act that may have affected her life.The only way to curb this problem of sexual assault on women is to ensure that we bring to our respective parliaments bills that would enable us come up with a law that would govern the sexual assault cases.  The current criminal justice system is biased against women hence it should be amended to cater for the women need. They feel that this criminal offence of sexually assault on women is not given enough weight as far as compensating for the sexual assault victim. Although there would be no enough consideration that can be used to compensate a rape victim, something need to be done at least so that a rape victim sees that the rapists get the heaviest punishment on earth due to their act.   We as member of National Organization for Women Legislators, we are the one who can ensure that relevant laws are passed to curb sexual assault cases in our society. This will in turn ensure that these cease from our society and women will no longer worry about being sexual assaulted.


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