Athens, Greece


  1. Attention Getting Device: Among the most famed and glorious regions in the world, Athens stands out being one of its kind. This is because of its historical magnificence that is evident to date. According to numerous historical scholars, Athens’ capital acts as the birthplace of both world’s civilization and democracy. These two aspects took place in Greece before spreading to other regions globally due to mingling of people while undertaking their respective commercial and other activities. The location of this state is in the prefecture of Attica extending to peninsula and central Greece (Marshall Cavendish Corporation 1453). The Athens’ location compared to other states in the same continental region enjoys moderate winter sessions but heightened hot seasons, hence possessing best climate in Europe (Marshall Cavendish Corporation 1453
  2. Point: In this essay, I intend to highlight varied aspects concerning Athens, Greece and what makes it famous not only in the past but also currently.
  3. Adaptation: To date, numerous regions in the world have attracted tourists’ attention and admiration due to their magnificence scenes but have not surpassed Athens, Greece because of its civilization and other historical sites.
  4. Credibility: In relaying the required information to support varied aspects in this study, I have conducted adequate research whereby I will outline each argument besides backing them with relevant, valid and reliable sources.
  5. Enumerated Preview: This research seeks to highlight varied aspects and some of remarkable sites that have prompted Athens, Greece to be a preferred region by numerous tourists and as a reference by historical scholars as the birthplace of democracy as well as civilization.
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