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Review of Bruxism Guard

Last November 28, I went to the Greater New York Dental Meeting since I believe that exposure to such events would give more information and industry updates in the field of dentistry. As an oral hygienist, it is my main concern to see different products and services that can be given to patients that can assist them in oral healthcare.

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is a good chance for me to attend various learning sessions such as half-day seminars, essays, hands-on workshops and even Live Patient Demonstration Area. Indeed, everything that I expected was organized despite the massive number of exhibitors in the said event. I came in early to register for free and got my materials after falling in line for five minutes. There were local attendees who came from states such as California, Michigan, Oklahoma, and other areas. There were also international delegates who came from Asia such as Taiwanese, Japanese and Filipinos.

The most exciting part of the event was viewing thousands of new products that greatly complement oral health care. There were different type of composite fillings, anesthesia swabs with flavors, probiotic mints, angled drills and almost all kinds of products that can make life very convenient for a dentist and a dental assistant. Apparently, the market for dental products is very competitive that is why more exhibitors present better versions of their products. Some presenters were very technical so the general audience found it unappealing. Many people just drop by at different booths asking for product samples that they can take home with them.

Thousands of dentists came to attend the seminars which lectured on topics that dwelt on cutting-edge technology and innovations in dental medicine. In my case, I just looked at some products and found the very simple but functional and practical Bruxism guard.

Visual Appearance

When it comes to visual appearance, the product is just average. Average meaning that the product was not really designed to be fancy since it’s supposed to be simply functional. I browsed over some bruxism products which more or   less look similar. The main difference lies in the fact that this product can be customized to fit the patient’s bite. Most bruxism products usually come as one size fits all with a nice case. In this case, the product can really be trimmed according to the exact dimensions of the teeth as after it has been heated for a few minutes. It really looks very plain since the company manufactured it for professional use unlike other off-the-rack bruxism guards.

Communication Skills of Presenters

Since I was interested in the product, I really listened well to the presenters. Two people were responsible for the presentation – a dentist and a salesperson. First, the presenters discussed about bruxism which was explained in layman’s language so the general audience can easily understand the condition, symptoms and consequences. The salesperson cited some disadvantages of bruxism such as jaw pain of tightness, headache, facial pain and possible wearing out of tooth enamel. The listeners were very interested since the product has very

practical applications, easy to mold, and convenient to use as compared to other commercial mouth guards for bruxism.

After the mini-lecture, a demonstration followed showing how the product can be easily prepared using a microwave oven, a water bath, or even open flame. After the demonstration, some people asked a couple of questions such as pricing, availability, safety etc. The presenters politely and cheerfully responded which made the presentation even more pleasant. I believe that the presenter’s communication skills have a lot to do with influencing the audience coupled with very interesting features of the product.

Depth of knowledge of topic presented

As previously mentioned, the presentation began with a mini-lecture about bruxism. Slides were shown to introduce the condition of Bruxism to the audience. The audience was a heterogeneous mix so the presenters tried to achieve a balance between making it easy to understand yet enough to substantiate the merits of the product. Some literature showing the consequences of bruxism if not immediately attended was also detailed. Graphic pictures showing worn out teeth caused by bruxism were complemented by a brief discussion about  Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ). It was emphasized in the lecture that most cases of Bruxism happened at night and to people who are stressed out. Looking at the whole presentation, the topic was really designed for a  marketing presentation which just adequately encapsulated the main benefits of the product . Also, the presenters are aware that majority of the listeners are dental professionals so an in-depth discussion may not be really necessary.

Dental Hygiene and Bruxism

As we all know, Bruxism  can cause damage to the teeth due to the continuous grinding resulting to cracked teeth.  Patients with cracked teeth are usually sensitive to hot or cold drinks and complain of painful sensation. This makes dental hygiene a little bit more complicated since the teeth needs special toothpaste such as Sensodyne to reduce the sensitivity. People who ignore their teeth’s worsening condition would eventually end up having tooth extraction or pay for thousands of bills just to restore their teeth.     As for dental hygienists, extra care must be exercised in order to perform prophylaxis for patients with damaged teeth.

Most people who have bruxism have cracked teeth which can either be superficial or really deep. Once the cracked tooth has permeated the crown, the end result would be a root canal treatment or even extraction. Briefly, bruxism should be avoided   or controlled using bruxism guard so that proper oral healthcare can be maintained at a lesser cost. Most importantly, people would not experience complications in oral hygiene and avoid experiencing pain.