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Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat that frequently results in a significant impairment of health. It results when the size or number of fat cells in a person's body increases. Obesity is a huge issue in schools in America. A lot of children are facing obesity at a very early age due to wrong eating methods and lack of exercise in schools resulting in becoming excessively fat.

According to a research by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania of health figures, “About 16 percent of urban students qualified as obese, according to the study, which is in line with national average for children ages 6-19. In rural school districts, however, 20 percent of students were considered obese. More alarmingly, researchers found that during the years of the survey, between 1999 and 2001, the number of obese students in rural school districts rose about 5 percent, more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts.” (Paxson, Christina)

Most children all around the world spend their maximum time in school and therefore it is pertinent for the schools administration and authorities to understand the problem of obesity and address the issues as fast as possible in order to risk the complexity which comes along with obesity in old age. Around 9 million school children in the age group of above six years to fifteen years have been distinguished to be obese in USA as given in many statistical reports. Obesity among school children may be attributed to poor quality of life in school, as the children do not give enough attention to a healthy life.

Childhood obesity is extremely dangerous in young children because it might lead to parental obesity in their older ages. Obesity is often associated with a number of other chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. This can even lead to death in the near future because obesity has been known as one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

More and more children are now prone to obesity and the problem never ceases to go down with time, with parents getting tensed and worried for their children and looking for solutions which could cater to the problem in the most effective and efficient manner. To highlight the solution to the problem, one of the main acts which needs to be initiated by schools is to foster an exercise module which shall incorporate physical fitness among the students of the school inside the school premises at regular intervals and throughout the week so that the students do not fall prone to ill health during their academic calendar.

One of the primary problems which exist in schools is the availability of vendor machines in schools which cater to the needs of the students at any time. The vending machines consist of low nutrient fast food which is easily consumable by the children. The vending machines have been selling high fatty foods and more than three fourths of high schools in the country sell high sugar fruit drinks and allow most of their students to simply purchase food and beverages from their vending machines.

Thus it has become imperative for school teachers to make physical exercise a must in schools for children since they spend most of their adolescence in these institutions. The need is to have a basic mechanism which shall allow them to take part in physical training drills and play sports on a regular basis, thus compensating for the fatty foods and low quality food they consume in schools which is freely available. Children should be made to walk everyday and have a vital period dedicated simply to physical exercises in order to keep fit.

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