Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice and palliative care are two forms of care that are aimed at improving the quality of life and reducing or alleviating the effects of symptoms on ill patients. These two forms of care are given to patients in different situations and are not the same. The hospice care is usually for people whose prognosis has already been given to them and that don't have much longer to live and require assistance in this difficult and paralyzing time period or ones who are debilitated and require day-to-day assistance. These services include physical, emotional and spiritual support for clients and their families when they are coping with the life-limiting illness. Clearly, the ill person and family are going through an emotionally difficult time, and their entire well-being, both physical and mental, is shaken. Hospice nurses support them with a compassionate and comprehensive care in an approach that is centered on the patient and making him feel as comfortable and well in familiar surroundings, whether it is in the patient's home or in a homelike setting ("Hospice").
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