Information Technology
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What types of computer crimes are going to be more prevalent in the future?

Due to the growing demand of exploring the internet whether for the purpose of e-commerce or merely of leisure derived from socialization, cyberterrorism has inevitably augmented in the proportional rate especially that the considerable number of computer users have already flooded the online community with vital pieces of personal information that can be shared everywhere within the worldwide web. Social networking sites have quite prevailed in a degree almost no one would ever imagine living without it and this common weakness becomes a convenient target for cybercriminals who are highly skilled at applying tools of deception and fraud.

Other than hacking, thus, the future could possibly find itself bearing computer crimes that involve further theft of identity and phishing schemes. These activities ought to be predictable on account of the widespread information sharing particularly over zones where system check or security is least. Computer viruses may also take their huge part in the crime for ruining data and systems applications that are way too indispensable for a company on- or offline. It is truly horrible to imagine how these crimes would impact the victims being aimed at but their effect and gravity still depend upon the level of computer literacy and the capacity developed by each online user to employ wise means of restricting personal details. Any such essential information must also be treated with intense privacy to avoid later perils of cyberstalking and associated tasks thereof.

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