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Manchester City and the Champions League

Manchester City’s Performance

Manchester City is considered as one the most powerful football club of Europe. Since its inception, City has made headlines in all kinds of leagues played throughout the world. The current Manager of the club, Roberto Mancini has tremendous role in upbringing the club in the recent years. Due to his extra ordinary managing skills, Manchester City was able to hold the English Premier League title this year, Community Shield and FA Cup last year. The heroic performance by the club has made its significance prominent throughout the Europe.

Champion’s league performance this year by the club has not been charismatic. Champion’s league has been tough for Manchester City as they always are in a tough group. The opening three games for the club were not very impressive as it attained only one point. Such a performance by the team who holds the Premier League title this year gives a very rough picture. The Manager on the other hand is not very optimistic about the future endeavors of the club in the Champion’s league. The manager has clearly indicated that a miracle from the team can uphold their position in the league. The current form of the club in the premier league is not very promising and city fans should not expect some astonishing show from the club.

Manager’s View

The Manager perception about Manchester City’s current performance indicates that Champion’s league title will be quite a difficult task for the club. City has been under a lot of mental and physical stress in Champion’s league. The team was unable to click in the first three games, only able to grasp one point in the league’s table. The teams in Manchester City’s pool are also very strong. The strongest of all is Real Madrid, champions of several Spanish league titles and also winners this year. This opposition will be a test of nerves for the club as the overall performance will split out the current standing of the team. City yet has to play three important games in the league and the opponents of the club in the next three matches are very strong; Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Ajax.

Manager expects to see some heroic performance from his key players in the club and according to him he owes three big performances from their end. The current scenario predicts as if Mancini has asked his players to buckle up and give a terrific performance in the next three vital games. His statement about not ready to win champions league is indirect call for help so that players moral would boost up and they would show some elegance and class in the next three games. Mancini also illustrated that if a team scores two goals then its game over in the champion’s league and if there is no goal, then the match is open.

The views of Mancini depicting the current situation of the club suggest that Mancini is apparently presenting as if there is no chance for Manchester City to win Champion’s League this year and deep down he is making tremendous efforts, so that team would reach the next stage. City is stuck in the pool of professional football clubs who posses brilliance in the game, however City’s side is also full of talent and competency but their performance after winning English Premier league have not been glorifying.

New Items

There are various elements which play a crucial role in the current positioning of Manchester City in Champion’s League. Many of the main players were unfit to play the initial matches of the champion’s league which led City into demise. However a miraculous performance after the return of those key players will uplift the position of the team. The standings of the club suggest that Mancini has to make some vital steps in order to gain points in the league.

Absence of players like David Silva was the main reasons of destruction of the club. His midfield presence is a threat to the opposition and his playing style has been the key of Manchester City’s success. The success rate of Manchester city was boosted after the signing of David Silva, he has been the key element of winning the English Premier League title this year. The injury of David Silva was the core reason of demise for the club. Experimentation in Champion’s league with new players has led Mancini to pay the price. The eminent and significant role of Spanish midfielder cannot be neglected at any regard.

There are several new items which Mancini has to imply as well. Defense of Manchester City has always remained strong but there were some severe problem seen in the midfield and forward. In order to keep the winning tickle moving, Mancini has to try different strategies, increase of players position and bringing the experienced players in the field to play at least 80 minutes in the field must be done.

Critical Analysis

The Champion’s League scenario has been very interesting this year as many upsets were seen. Manchester City’s performance against the other sides was also a big question mark for the club. Manchester city has to make some huge impact in the next three games to keep their champion’s league position strong. The current scenario does not present a very promising picture of the club. Roberto Mancini’s luminosity in taking the club to the next level in the game is commendable however after their victory in English Premier League this year, City has not been able to show some tremendous efforts yet.

Having strong opponents in the pool is not the justification which any of the club members wants to hear. Manchester City is known as the thriving force in Europe and posses the best players of the world. The eminent performance of the club is not continuing due to various reasons. The captaincy of Kompany is not showing a lot of promising outcomes now and the spirit in which team plays Premier League cannot be seen. It has been observed as if the focus of Manchester city has been only on English Premier League. Their recent performances predicts as if there is no hope for the side to prevail in Champion’s League now. The rumor of Mancini leaving the club and joining Monaco has also been prevailed but the efforts and hard work which Mancini has done to build Manchester City cannot question his loyalty to the club.


Even if the team wins several titles, there is always room for improvement so that to overcome its shortcomings. Manchester City has been very fortunate to win English Premier League title this year as both Manchester United and City had same points on the table, but total goals made the difference. Manchester City’s performance in the current scenario seems as if there are several areas of improvement in the side. Champion’s League performance this year has opened critiques mindsets and discussions about the current form of the side can be seen everywhere. Even in the premier league, neck to neck battle with Manchester United is going on but in order to make their side prestigious, Mancini has to make some improvements in the game.

The defense of the side is pretty strong. Midfield and forward position of the team are not clicking which is the main fall of demise. After the intervention of old players back in the side there is some hope for the rise of team in Champion’s league points table but the ultimate position clearly suggests that winning of Champion’s league by Manchester City this year is impossible.


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