“Interpretive Analysis”

The story which was chosen as a subject for this interpretive analysis is about recent Russian involvement in military conflict known as Syrian Civil War. In September 2015 it became known for the wide public that Russia is directly involved in the Syrian Civil War. Above usual (but now much bigger) supplying of ammo, rockets and guns it is now proven that Russia sent its own armed forces and military consultants to Syria for training and participation in combat (Cooper, 56). More than that Russian military air base was shot on satellite cameras. In the light of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the fact that whole world criticizes Russian Government not only with words but also with economic sanctions this step of Vladimir Putin became breaking news immediately. Syrian Civil War affects American Middle East interests greatly and so Russian involvement in this highly risky venture right now seems like a presentation of the policy of force to NATO, United Nations, European Union and USA in particular.
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