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The Walt Disney Company, popularly known as Disney, is a renowned entertainment based organization. The company was established in the year 1923. It was initially named Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio which was founded by Walt Disney along with his brother Roy Disney. Since its formation, the company has produced many movies that have topped the US as well as UK charts (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’). The paper includes the company’s mission and vision along with the company’s different subsidiaries.

Mission and Vision of The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is an America based multinational company. Originally, the mission of The Walt Disney Company was to ‘nurture the imaginations of children around the world as well as to celebrate American values’ (Reocities, ‘The Walt Disney Company-a Case Study’). The mission itself states the company’s operations. Most of the company’s operations are children oriented. As it has been stated in their mission, the children are the main center of the organizational operations and even the various subsidiary activities organized by the company are entertainment as well as children oriented (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

However, the mission of the company has changed stating to be “one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world” (Duran & Et. Al., “The Walt Disney”).

The presence of the company can be seen in various other sectors and industries as well. The Walt Disney studios, parks and resorts have come up and the company has shown interests in producing products based on their famous characters of serials or movies as well. Along with this, Disney Interactive Media Group is the segment of the company which deals with the various creating and delivering information related to the company (mostly their programmes).

The Walt Disney Studios

The Walt Disney Studios can be considered as the foundation of Disney. This legendary company started its journey from this milestone. The Walt Disney Studios is renowned for its ‘animated features and live motion pictures’ (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’). The characters it created include Mickey Mouse and friends, which are the animation legends. The company is considered to be the world’s very first full length animation creator with its created character Mickey Mouse and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

Distribution of motion pictures is done by The Walt Disney Studios under its allied organization, Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney Pictures includes its other allied companies such as DisneyToon Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The company had acquired the company, Pixar, in May of the year 2006. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International is another segment of the company which operates in international distribution of the motion pictures. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is the segment of the company which deals in distribution of the motion pictures of Disney as well as other movies through the means of rental and sells by home entertainment markets such as DVDs (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

The presence of The Walt Disney Company also can be marked in the theaters. The company owns Disney Theatrical Productions House which is also considered to be among the leading producers of the famous Broadway musicals. This also consists of Disney Live Family Entertainment and Disney on Ice (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

The Walt Disney Company has even shared their interest in music and has created Disney Music Group. The latest and famous soundtrack of their original music and motion pictures is distributed under Walt Disney Records, one of the famous music companies, which is recognized worldwide, along with Hollywood Records (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

Parks and Resorts

The business of the company also includes parks and resorts which are considered to be house of the many characters that are created by the Disney such as Pooh the Bear and Cinderella. The tag line of the Parks and Resorts is ‘Where Dreams Come True.’ (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’). This segment of the company was established in the year 1952. The mark of this segment can be observed in various nations and the main attraction of these parks and resorts are the characters of the fairy tales those are also the characters of most of the animated movies produced by Disney Motion Pictures along with other famous characters of the very successful movies produced under the same brand name, Disney Motion Pictures (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

The other entertainment sectors of The Walt Disney Company are Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club. The Disney Vacation Club resorts are observed to have members of around 100000 and which is further marked to be growing in numbers day-by-day. ‘Adventures by Disney’ is the segment which proposes the immersive travel around the world. This segment of the company incorporates hi-technology in order to provide the ‘traveler’ with real sense of experience. The company owns resorts in five different locations including 11 parks (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

Disney Consumer Products

The Walt Disney Company has also shown its interest in merchandising its products. This trend or segment came into existence in the year 1929. Disney Consumer Products is involved in producing the products related to the famous characters such as clothing, home décor, toys, games and stationery among others. Under this affiliation, the company operates in various lines of business such as Disney Foods, Disney Apparel, Disney Home, Disney Stationery, Heal & Beauty and Accessories & Footwear (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

The Walt Disney Company is also concerned with the publication and operates in this sector as Disney Publishing Worldwide, which is recognized as the largest publications with respect to magazines and books related to children and the consumers of these services (books, magazines) are estimated to be more than 100 million per month in about 75 nations (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

All the merchandises of Disney are easily available in Disney stores retail chain which is another business segment of the company. Disney Consumer Products also operate official shopping sites to make the shopping easier for the consumers as the operation is internet based (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

Media Network

Media Networks is another affiliate of the company. This consists of wide collections of cable, radio, internet based businesses of Walt Disney Company. The main brands of this segment includes ESPN Inc., Walt Disney Internet Group and Disney‘s ABC Television Group among others. The main functions of this segment are to handle marketing, sales and research among few (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).

Disney Interactive Media Group

Disney Interactive Media Group segment of the Walt Disney Company is entitled to create and release the interactive entertainment as well as information through various platforms, for example online, which operates globally (The Walt Disney Company, ‘Company Overview’).


The Walt Disney Company is a world renowned company which operates its various businesses internationally. The company is involved with entertainment industry and mostly deals in children oriented activities in their offerings. The company has created many legendary characters which are immortal and lives in almost every individual’s memory. The various segments which are operated by the company are either solely owned by the company or are co-owned by it (Duran & Et. Al., “The Walt Disney”).

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