Constitutional Convention

Case Study
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Establishment of People’s Councils Amendment

Establishment of People’s Councils Amendment proposes amending the United States Constitution to:

  • Establish people’s councils in every county, city and township/parish/borough in all of the states, whichever is applicable; and
  • Make these people’s councils the primary means where local officials would be elected, wherein consensus building would be the primary means

Summary and Analysis:

Local elective positions in the United States government have been elected through a direct election of the people, through the use of a secret ballot, wherein the candidate who garners a simple majority would win the elections. This method of electing officials has been made with the premise that it will reflect the voice of the people. However, this process of electing local officials already defeats the above stated purpose, given that those who run for positions often use undesirable tactics, such as buying votes and offering favors to voters, just to win the election. In addition, the supporters of the losing candidate also have the tendency to protest the result of the elections, in which a situation of hatred, discontent, and divisiveness prevails.

In this case, this amendment aims to change the process of electing local officials from a direct election through secret balloting, to consensus building through a people’s council. In order to put this into effect, people’s councils will be set up all over the country, wherein nominations and selections of local officials will be made only after a consensus has been reached by the council. In addition, these people’s councils will be made up of a proportionate number of people’s delegates, which will come from the worker’s sector, the women’s sector, the national minority sector, and the youth sector.

Arguments for:

  • The setting up of people’s councils would encourage consensus building among citizens, putting away tendencies of divisive party politics.
  • The setting up of people’s councils would make a more democratic and participative system of electing officials putting away dirty elections aside.
  • The setting up of people’s councils would give more voice to marginalized sectors in society, particularly women and national minorities.

Arguments against:

  • It would be too cumbersome to make up people’s councils, given that the organization of cities, townships and counties are not based upon population, with some having large populations and some having negligible populations
  • It would be hard to achieve consensus among cities, townships and counties which have people’s councils with a large number of people’s delegates
  • It would be hard to ensure the security of the people’s delegates that will be involved in the process of consensus building and selection.