Response to the policy paper on “America’s perfect Storm”

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Response to the policy paper on “America’s perfect Storm”

America’s Perfect Storm explains brilliantly the major hurdles that American workers are facing and the economic crisis. This is due to the result of a failed education system that does not educate the young generation in order to be updated with the increasing technological demands. It is upon the citizens to act aggressively and facilitate reforms on the education system. If they fail to do this, the living standards of workers will decline and the economy will be less cutthroat (Kirsch 34). America’s future is solely dependent on the academic success of the young people.

I agree with the fact that this policy paper reaffirms the research carried in previous studies with regard to this subject which makes a good case for the necessity of addressing serious issues. It is meant to serve as a wakeup call to make certain that the education and support systems function properly to deliver quality education. 21st century skills need to be learned in order to have goof future prospects. This framework will help them to be problem solvers, critical thinkers and effective communicators.

I disagree with the fact that this document is meant to instill fear onto the citizens through the statistics provide.  Americans citizens should be made aware of what is really going on with regards to the uncertainty in the near future.  The fear of jobs, health insurance, retirement plans and security is something that will come to reality if there are not improvements made on the education system.

The issues raised by trainers after a survey concluded that there is uneven distribution of skills, the U.S economy has undergone changes and the demographic trends in America show a high population increase mainly from the minority groups (Kirsch 40).

This problem is quite rampant at my work place as there are many people that have top jobs but lack the basic skills to run that department. They have to use the help of those who have literacy and numerical skills to make this department run. There is also over specialization in one department.

To deal with this problem, the current U.S student need to come up with a framework for will enable them acquire competent skills for their carrier jobs.  Those who are employed and lack the skills should take courses to improve on their skills in ICT and those related to their places of work. There should be equal distribution of skill to avoid overspecialization.

Kirsch, I America’s Perfect Storm North Eastern University. Colorado. 2007