Newspaper should not be produced in U.S.

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1.1 Introduction

Newspaper has proved to be one of the important medium of providing information to the people. In past decades, it was widely used to be aware of the transactions in a country. But society and environment keeps on changing, which leads to rapid changes in the business world. Researchers concluded that there been a great change in the world economy on the basis of technology. Many new electronic mediums are introduced such as television, online marketing, internet etc. introduction of internet and television have greatly affected business of newspaper.

People can easily find information in relation to a business proposal or advertising by browsing through internet. In this situation why one will prefer to buy newspaper. Therefore, newspaper profits are declining very rapidly. Present condition of economy proposes that newspaper should not be produced mainly in US because many audit reports have shown negative financial condition of the industry and its popularity is fading day by day. Therefore, it will be suitable to stop producing newspaper and promoting this phenomena more on the basis of internet or other electronic devices (Abbott Jez, 2010).

1.2 Reasons

There are many reasons which support this idea that newspaper should not be produced in US. Some of which are described below:

  • Affect of internet and television

By 1990s till present news are made available 24 hours on television channels. Introduction of internet have opened new challenges for the business world. News is updated on daily basis through internet. These two mediums have reduced the usage of newspaper in many parts of the world including US. Payment circulation of newspaper has been declined as compared to the revenue collected through advertisement on internet. There has been a major shift from print media to new media. This has lead to decline in the profits of newspaper. Most of its revenue goes to electronic media (Plambeck Joseph, 2010).

  • Global warming

Reading newspaper has less affect on global warming as compared to reading news online.  Creating newspaper is more overweight as compared to powering computers. If one is reading newspaper for 30 minutes, it will have less impact on global warming as compared to reading news online.

  • Newspaper circulation falls

Newspapers in US are continuously at stark, its circulation is declining very rapidly, and as compared to last year, circulation of newspaper has reduced more by 9%. In accordance to Audit Bureau of Circulation sales of newspaper in US have dropped by 6.5% in the last six months in 2010 and weekly sales have been reduced by 8.7%. These results were generated by combining all the individual newspapers in US. Newspaper circulation was in decline since many years, but majorly it was affected by recession after 2008. The main reason for this decline is internet. Many publishers have also limited their services in relation to the delivery. In past, publishers only had to cope up with cost incurred in printing, but considering the present scenario they have to manage losses related to circulation (Liedtke Michael, 2009).

Some of the details in relation to the fall of circulation are: New York Times circulation dropped to 5.2% in last year and 8.2% on weekday basis. While Los Angeles Times declined by 7.6% and 9% on weekly basis.

  • Changes in individuals behavior

People taste and preferences keeps on changing. Presently, individuals are adopting technological innovations very rapidly. Even businesses are operating through electronic media rather than considering the traditional ways. In all developed countries mainly in US people are getting addicted to internet and mobile phones. They prefer to buy online rather than visiting shopping malls. Similar to that, news on daily basis is generated either through cell phone or computer devices. In this modern world every house have internet facility, if one have facility to see the news at home, why will they prefer to purchase newspaper. This is the main reason that the profitability and circulation of newspaper is reducing very rapidly.

  • Web news

Due to the introduction of internet, web news has become very common in all countries. In US many websites provides such facilities free of cost. People don’t have to pay any money while reading news. The slowdown in profits of newspaper has lead to growth of online advertising. Web presence of news is increasing very rapidly i.e. adding photo slide shows, blogs and podcasts. This created more attraction and presentation. It helps to attract large number of people. On the other hand newspaper is printed on a low quality paper and in small format. It is very congested. A comparable to it, web news provides easy access and enjoyable reading (Clifford Stephanie, 2008).

  • Environmental issues

Environmental issues in relation to paper have created many problems in the society. Paper is being made by man for nearly thousands of years. It is one of the most important medium of communication. Presently, due to innovative technologies usage of paper have reduced very rapidly in businesses, it is used in many ways such as for packaging things, creating records, banknotes, currency transformation etc. This shows that paper plays a very essential role in society. On the other hand it is creating a menace for the society i.e. paper is made from wood. It is a renewable resource of our society. This includes cutting tress from the societal environment rather than in forest or other undeveloped area. Therefore, it can be concluded that one of the essential resource of a country is used to make papers. It requires efficient management. Newspaper publishing is related to wastage of papers because people usually don’t buy them now. Its importance is fading gradually. If newspaper publishing is stopped, large amount of paper can be saved and can be used for essential things. It will result in less cutting of trees, as the need of paper will reduce at large (Weber Johannes, 2006).

Therefore, on the basis of the reasons highlighted above, it can be included that taking into account the present financial situation of newspaper industry and changes in people behavior due to introduction of new technologies, phase of newspaper is reducing very rapidly. So, in order to control this declining situation it will be suitable to stop producing newspaper mainly in US.

  • Future of newspaper

Currently there is a great debate on the future of newspaper due to easy access of internet in many countries.  This has reduced prices of newspaper, loss of advertising on paper, drop in profits and circulation of newspaper. Mostly, in United States, most of the newspaper companies have been closed or have gone bankrupt since 2001. Revenue has reduced very rapidly and internet is giving intense competition to print media. At present, newspaper industry is going downwards and introduction of new technology have harmed traditional method of newspaper (Mensing Donica, 2007).


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