Ocean City is the best place to be

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When the blood starts to heat up, and both the body and the mind begins to seek diversions from the pressures and tensions from work and school—Ocean City is the answer to the call of Spring Break.  It is a paradise for everyone!  From little tots looking for rides, games, and cotton candies, to the young and the adventurous looking for non-stop action and for older folks seeking a relaxing view of the beach, Ocean City is the place to be.

The fun starts with packing things for Ocean City. All one needs is a toothbrush and a swimsuit. Reservations can be done online. Accommodation in Ocean City is versatile. Both the extravagant and the thrifty have a choice of the 10,000 hotel rooms, 25,000 condominium units. Wide stretches of beautiful white-sand beaches are lying ready for the lightweight tents where the adventurous group can huddle together like exotic sardines. The accommodations for spring break vacationers are also easy to find. Many hotels allow five to six people to share a room. For some groups, a bed to share is enough while the not so hard to please others could simply settle and veg out on the thickly carpets. Plenty of apartments and beach houses available too!  In short, anyone could find the kind of room that fits his budget and lifestyle.

Ocean City is the place where one can find what one is looking for.  It is the perfect beach holiday, where the sun, the sand, and the surf beckon all!  Stroll along Ocean City’s wide stretch of beaches, free and open to everyone.  Sink your toes in the beautiful white-sand beach.  Parade around in shorts and swimsuits – get that perfect tan under the sun. Savor the breathtaking sunsets from the hotel veranda.  Splash in the surf, or just sit back and watch the waves roll in and out.  Or better still simply build sand castles!!

Ocean City offers numerous sports activities. Nobody is too old to try out an experience.  For those who love peace, rent a sailboat or pontoon boat and glide along the bay. View the beauty of Ocean City’s skyline while you enjoy the excitement of a parasail ride over the Ocean or Bay. Enjoy the thrill in being launched by the crew. Delight in the spectacular white from the mountains above which contrast with the shades of blue and green from the clear waters below! As you float high above enjoy the fantastic view of the coastline.  You may just be the lucky one to see a family of dolphins playing with the waves. Decide how high you want to go!

If parasailing sounds too adventurous try your hand at fishing. Ocean City has drawn anglers from all over and boasts the title of “White Marlin Capital of the World.”  Spring, summer, and fall abound with fishing opportunities.  Spend a day out at sea on a head boat, or charter a boat in search of white or blue marlin, bluefish, tuna and wahoo; or venture out in smaller craft in the bay waters to catch flounder, trout, and sea bass.  Rod rentals are readily available as are tips on the best bait to use from the many shops and marinas.  You may even be in time to participate in the fishing tournaments!

Back on land, use your golf clubs! Ocean City is considered one of the premier golf vacation destinations along the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Golfers will find 17 area championship golf courses, including Ocean City’s own course, Eagle’s Landing, named one of the top 10 municipal golf courses in the U.S.A. The golf courses are surrounded with carefully preserved wetlands and marsh, and feature elevated tees, lush, rolling fairways, pristine wooded areas, and scenic and challenging water holes.

Food is also one of the best adventures other than the beach. Ocean City’s waterside setting is a feast for the senses with its delicious aromas wafting through the air and creating a dining lure that one cannot simply walk away from. The restaurants are well-lit and tourist-friendly; the waiters accommodating.  Exotic cuisines from all over the world can be found along the shores. A taste from them is almost like visiting the countries where the food came from. Seafood is the specialty of any beach resort. The reddish tinge of cooked shellfish like crabs, lobsters and jumbo shrimps stand out amidst a vibrant and equally delicious-looking buffet of fish, meat, fruits and salads. They are served in large amounts and presented in colorful arrangements designed to make the mouth water.

A number of restaurants in Ocean City offer all-you-can-eat buffets serving up Ocean City’s famous seafood selections along with the Delmarva’s delicious fried chicken, ham and prime rib of beef. Maryland’s Eastern Shore is also known for its bounty of fresh garden fruits and vegetables. Fill your salad bowls with produce picked fresh from the farm fields of the Delmarva Peninsula. For the meat lovers there is steak and rib houses. Italian, Mexican, Japanese and Greek cuisines can also be found along our shore. Casual eateries along the way offer pizza, burgers, subs, barbecue pit beef, wraps and other sandwich fare. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to our old-fashioned ice cream parlors and our shops filled with fresh-made creamy fudge and candies.

When the appetite for food is satisfied, the best thing to do is to just explore the terrific sights and sounds of Ocean City. The City is full of festivals for their visitors. Enjoy a scenic afternoon shopping at the Boardwalk and Asbury Ave. which are alive with colors, sounds and activities. Video arcades, marvelous rides and water slides, specialty shops and outdoor restaurants are just some of the places to go for midday fun! As you cruise into the sunset, a festive atmosphere of excitement lights up the Boardwalk. The rides, arcades, shops and eateries make the Boardwalk come alive at night-it’s a great way to complete your day!

At the end of the day enjoy a night of entertainment at a host of nightclubs and pubs, which feature music from blues to jazz and reggae and rock ‘n roll. No holiday is complete without partying.  Ocean City has great places such as street parties that cleanses away the restlessness and replace it with laughter; cozy, old world cafes touched with that European flavor leaves a feeling of sophistication and class. and spontaneous dancing venues with swirling lights, swimsuit clad bodies and music that simply calls on to each individuals’ spirit of celebration. Nightclubs and pubs in Ocean City offer the full spectrum of entertainment from sports bars to dancing to mellow jazz and blues, Top 40, rock ‘n roll, and country-western.  Performers like Sha-na-na and Blake Shelton could be perfect background music for those who are simply hanging out and chilling beside the beach.

Artists and crafters flock to the place adding to the visual stimulus provided by the amusement rides, arcades, specialty shops, and the vacationers promenading the Boardwalk. The skies also become a canvas of colors from the kites raised by both adults and children. Entertainers from all genres flock the sites and perform both indoors and outdoors.

Ocean City is the perfect beach resort all year long. From inspiring sunrises over the Atlantic to breathtaking sunsets on the bay, every season offers a reason to visit Ocean City. Each season finds festivals and concerts, antique shows and arts and crafts events. See the colorful sights, feel the ocean wash away the worries, savor the smells of deliciously cooked meals and join in the laughter and camaraderie of the visitors in Ocean City. So for those who are still thinking of where to go—DON’T anymore.

Travel light, but right – When vacationing at a beach resort, chances are you will be spending the majority of your days outside. Be sure to pack warm-weather clothes and lots of sunscreen. Lighten your load: when traveling, less is more. Relax & have fun – Remember, the reason for taking a family vacation is to spend time together and make memories with your loved ones. Just being together is the best way to have a great time!