Staffing in American Policing

From the course and the reading on American policing, I have come to discover quite a lot of facts about the entire police structure and recruitment. I have also learned about the historical background of the American police and the various transitions that have occurred since the establishment of this institution. There is just too much to be mentioned. This essay shall, however, focus on the recruitment process of police in America. This is one of the areas that caught my attention. I therefore went an extra mile to establish more information concerning the very topic. Below is the narration of the police staffing process. In America, the staffing of police is conducted differently in various states. Nonetheless, I learned that these states normally have agencies that are responsible for carrying the entire process. The agencies always subject the candidates to thorough scrutiny before they eventually accept their candidature. As said, each state has its own standards called the Police Officer Standards and Training. I had always thought police recruitment is the duty of the central government. I had not imagined that such a function could be devolved. This was a big discovery and a lesson well learnt.
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