Album Review Album: I know the Truth Artist: Pastor Shirley Caesar

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  Pastor Shirley Caesar is an American music legend. The winner of countless awards including 11 Grammys, Shirley has earned herself a prominent position in the Gospel Music Hall of fame.

Last month Shirley released her 41st album entitled “I Know the Truth”. The album was the first to be released under Shirley’s new label Shu-Bel Records and will be distributed through Artemis Gospel (formerly called Light Records). The album is produced by Sanchez Harley and features 12 tracks in a medley of musical styles varying from hip hop, R and B, church and quartet all rendered in Shirley’s unmistakable energetic and powerful voice. The album is vintage Shirley but with a twist. The title song “I know the Truth” is collaboration with hip hop artist Tonex and features Shirley trying her hand at hip hop and actually rapping. The result is one of the best songs in the album. Other equally good songs which stand out in the album are “”Every Day is Like Mother’s Day,” rendered in memory of Shirley’s dead mother, and “Jail Bird,” a song about a prisoner on death row.

All the songs in the album are beautifully rendered and worth listening to. They are encouraging and uplifting and continue Shirley’s tradition of merging religion and music to enthuse a message of hope and peace to her listeners. “I know the Truth” is one of Shirley’s best albums to date and will fetch the veteran artist a lot of awards and accolades.

Book Review

The Nursing Drug Handbook has been a nurse’s reference bible for the past 26 years. Nurses commonly turn to the book when they want to find out about a particular drug check dosage or to verify any side effects. The 2006 edition of the Nursing Drug Handbook is updated with the latest drug information about thousands of generic and branded drugs. It provides accurate and well-presented information about drug dosages, administration, negative reactions and possible interactions with other medicines.

The book covers more than 20 recently FDA approved drugs and gives information about pediatric doses and various off labels uses. The book also features a section that highlights “rapid onset” information covering light to serious interactions that appear in 24 hours. There is also a unique color photo guide in the book of tablets and capsules to help nurses visually identify the drug and an English Spanish translation guide of popular drug phrases. New appendices to the book examine chemotherapy acronyms and protocols. The book also comes with a free CD featuring 200 drug monographs and handouts to facilitate patient teaching

This book is an invaluable source of clinical information. It has been a bestseller since its first edition and the new edition with its updated information and additional useful features is an exceptional resource.  It is an easy to use, accurate and well-presented reference manual for both novice and senior nurses and will prove to be an indispensable aid that nurses can use and take with them anytime, anywhere.

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