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Global education standards have been rising by the day, with quality skills shaping the international curriculum. The demand for the best skills by the market has pushed the education standards even higher, with employers opting for the best brains in the market.

The increasing rate of globalization has made it necessary for people to seek international training on the international platform, as firms raise their standards of recruitment and hire people with international training. While most countries have developed curricula that meet these criteria, others are yet to match up with this emerging trend. It is in such countries that the rate of students seeking international education and training is relatively high as they seek countries whose education standards are internationally recognizable and accepted.

Fresno is such a state, with its education and training being internationally recognized and accepted. It is a country with many international students who mostly cannot receive the kind of training they receive here back in their countries. Apart from the high education standards of the country, other factors attract international students to the country. Fresno is not the only country in the world that offers quality education for it to be a choice of the thousands of students who come to seek for education. Certain distinct characteristics make it qualify as a destination for these education seekers. These factors are the very factors that I put into consideration before settling for the country. The factors include favourable climate, people who are culturally friendly, high education standards, natural attraction sites and security.

Fresno state universities are known all over the world, making its education system recognized internationally. Some of the universities that are internationally known and recognized are Fresno State University and the California State University, Fresno. The courses offered in these universities are globally recognized, with the universities equipping their students with the best skills to be highly competitive in the global market (Correa 1). A student with training from an internationally recognized university is likely to have a higher competitive advantage over other students from local universities. Since my country has no internationally recognized universities, yet international firms keep setting camp in the country, the demand for quality skills has increased raising the standards of personnel recruiting in jobs, and this has made it necessary for people to seek education elsewhere. International financial firms such as banks and investment banks, hospitals, manufacturing companies and construction companies are increasingly opening branches in the country, as local businesses try to expand regionally. It is due to these reasons that I made a decision to seek international education and training and settled for Fresno state.

Some of American and European countries are known to be hostile to other nationals present in the country. For example, the issue of racism scares many people from countries and states known to practice the social vice. Such countries rarely receive international students including tourists, regardless of the status of their universities or tourists attraction sites. Fresno state is different and has minimal cases of racial discrimination, with its local people being hospitable. Its history is associated with kind people who do not consider the race of a particular person they associate.

Weather is another reason why I chose Fresno state. Different countries in the world have different weather patterns, which at times make it hard for international students to coupe. Variations in weather patterns between different countries can affect a persons’ level of concentration, and in case the weather patterns are very adverse, students would find it very difficult to adapt to the change. Fresno has favourable weather conditions, and its climate is quite similar to that of my home country. Adapting to the country was easy for me, especially due to the fact that the country is neither too hot nor too cold. Its time frame, though a bit different with that of my country is fine, since it does not experience extended dark days or extended sunny days. Such a characteristic would make foreign students hard to adopt.

Tourists’ attraction sites are yet another reason why I settled for Fresno. During college life, a student has the opportunity to have fun and know different places in the world. Going to a foreign country, it gives the student an opportunity to learn new things about the country. The state has a number of top rated hotels that are good for vacations.  Some of these restaurants and hotels include The Dog House Grill, Mediterranean grill and café and Yosemite ranch. The country is also rich in other tourists’ attraction sites such as Fresno Coffee Zoo, Forestiere Underground Gardens and the Woodward Regional Park. These attraction sites make studying and living in Fresno fun and a wonderful experience. The various tour guides, full of enthusiasm and experience, always make a person feel honoured and appreciated in a foreign country (Rodriguez 1).

Fresno state has no record of violence, in comparison to various other states of America. In a state with a high crime rate, security is a big issue. International students always put security top of priorities when choosing a country to study and live in. in Fresno, it is safe for a student to walk home in at night from either library or a night out and still feel safe. Nobody would choose a country that has a record of high crime rate to study simply because of high education standards.

There are many factors to consider when deciding the country in which to seek international learning and education. High education standards alone do not warrant that a particular country to be selected by an international student. There are a number of other factors that affect such a decision. It is after evaluating these factors that I settled for Fresno state and chose to study in Fresno State University.

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