Pain Management and Alternative Therapies

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Statement of the Problem

Pain management is a long-standing issue in the medical field that has witnessed different approaches used to treat the problem. Many physicians have often prescribed pain medicines—physical therapy, narcotic and non-non narcotic, and surgery. As a result, many patients have tolerated several years of anguish and have experienced a number of failed surgeries looking for pain relief. Very little research has focused on the use of alternative therapy such as mind-body therapies in the treatment and management of pain.

Because of the problems associated with the use of medicine in the treatment of pain, several questions have emerged regarding the use of alternative therapy in alleviating this problem. Various research questions include, how can alternative therapies such as mind-body therapies be incorporated in other means of pain treatment? How effective is this approach compared to the use of prescribed medicine or surgery in pain management? To address these issues, mind-body therapy as an alternative therapy for pain management will be analyzed. This therapy is used to help the mind’s capacity to influence the functions and body symptoms. These therapies utilize several approaches comprising of relaxation practice, guided imagery, meditation, and hypnosis. The objectives any suitable pain management approach should be to alleviate pain and distress, enhance mental and physical functioning, and to guarantee enhanced quality of life (Gardner-Nix, 2009).

In the past, patients have sought for non-conventional approaches in situations where conventional treatment failed, and the current concern on improved pain management has put a greater emphasis on alternative therapy and corresponding modalities in pain medicine. Although alternative therapies lack strong proof to support its argument of pain alleviation, recent years have seen more research that have established that alternative therapies actually aid in pain relief.


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