Ethics & Technology

Part ‘A’

  1. In context of Utilitarian Theory, this statement may be considered false; however, it still depends on the situation. It would be in favor of greater number of people if even an anonymous whistle-blower blows news which is potentially harmful for the entire company and its employees. For example, a person, with the fear of being killed for breaking the news, anonymously whistle blows the about a huge corruption which may eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the firm, is totally supported by Utilitarian Theory which supports the maximum benefits for the greater number of people (Mill). However, it seemed that anonymous whistle blowing is not a proper practice which must be avoided. Anonymous whistle blowing may result in increasing number of rumors and misinformation.
  2. Such a law is not supported by Kant’s ethical theory. According to Kant, everyone should be treated as a free person equal to everyone else (Velasquez). As per Kant’s Categorical Imperative Formulae, never do something unless you are willing to have everyone do it, even to yourself(Velasquez).
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