Transformation of values. Leasure and work


By change, Pieper means that man has excelled in servile arts which is good because it has helped the society develop technologically. However, this advancement in servile arts has occurred on the compromise of sustenance or advancement of the liberal arts, which is the reason why man today has forgotten the real meaning of leisure and lacks spirituality. According to the new scale of values, to have leisure means to have break from work or to go in a state of idleness. Although breaking from work is considered as leisure in the modern world, yet it actually is not. Values of the modern age compel people to live for working. Materialism and consumption are two of the main values of the modern society unlike the past, when spirituality was the main value. In the new scale of human values, a person is considered good, better, or best depending upon the extent to which he/she has contributed to the society. This can even mean consumption because the more an individual consumes, the more businesses flourish and the more the society benefits from consumption.
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