The Big Bang Theory

For many centuries, humankind has been staring at the stars surprised, developing with much uncertainty a question that how the universe formed into what it is today. Since long ago, it has become a much debated subject of religious, philosophical, and scientific discussion, but leaving the mystery uncovered until the introduction of big bang theory. The big bang theory got wide popularity and it is a good effort to illustrate what had actually happened at the very beginning of our universe. As Takahashi writes, the big bang theory states that the universe instigated by ‘enlarging from an infinitesimal volume’ that has been prevailing in greater density and exceedingly high temperature. According to the theory, the universe had been considerably smaller than a scar on skin. As Takahashi explains, with the big bang, the fabric of space started to enlarge just like an inflated surface of a balloon. The matter was carried with it as stretched like dust moving on the surface of a puffed up balloon.
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