Using the information in Table 1.1 of the textbook, identify five different materials that you encounter or use on a daily basis, and identify a mineral that is mined to supply each of those materials. Can you think of any considerations, other than econo

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Factors inhibiting mining

There are several reasons and considerations other economic considerations that might inhibit mining in a certain area. One of the key considerations is the aspect of stability in the area. Most miners consider least stable areas, structurally speaking, a place that should be avoided by all means, since there is a great possibility of collapse, which would lead to not only undesired consequences but also deem a mining site inaccessible for live. The use of structures that would improve the stability of a mining site would be essential, very essential, but also consider the aspect of a little stability allowing for the construction of such a structure (De Souza, 2002). If the land composition leads to instability, then it is practically impossible for people to mine in such an area.

Secondly, the weather and climate would lead to inhibition of mining in an area. For instance, during a rainy season, or in an area where the climatic conditions are harsh, attempting to exploit the minerals deep within the earth’s crust would be impossible. The location of the mining site could also inhibit mining since it would not only be expensive but also virtually impossible to exploit minerals located in undesirable areas or locations of the earth (National Research Council (U.S.) & Committee on Soil as a Resource in Relation to Surface Mining for Coal, 2002). For instance, if a certain mineral was to be found on the seafloor of the ocean, say the mineral in question is oil, the location outright inhibit mining there since the oil would lead to contamination of the ocean, and the death of animals there. Such instances could prevent the exploitation of minerals regardless of the wish and monetary capabilities to exploit these minerals.


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