Current political issue of Fluoridation in Queensland/Brisbane

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The story starts about sixty years back when most of the industrial nations started fluoriding water for their consumers. Almost all states of Australia also supply fluorided water to citizens except Queens land. A debate was going on in this regard. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed. Media polls were held. But the matter could not be decided amicably. The premier of Queens land kicked a row when he tried to abandon its obligation on the water fluoridation debate by leaving it in the laps of local government. His decision was disliked by Councillors from southeast Queensland's most of the local government authorities were not happy with the decision of Premier Peter Beattie's to compel towns and cities to take their responsibility for fluoridate their water or not (The Courier Mail). News poll shows Mr. Beattie's approval rating has fallen to 46 per cent, while the two-party preferred vote is evenly split between Labor and the opposition parties. (ABC News online). It is quite typical matter, that has caused a great deal of disagreement during much of its lifetime. Artificial water fluoridation has been around for 60 years, with the purpose of reducing dental decay. and since the sixties every capital city in Australia has been fluoridated, except Brisbane. No doubt the benefits of Fluoride in dental health have been proven, there are a number of possible harms  of water fluoridation.

Few people are also thinking in different direction they feel that Queens land Government is diverting the attention of masses from other important issues and from their failures. Aaccording to former Labor lord mayor Jim Soorley, “the debate about fluoride in drinking water is a “gutless” attempt by the State Government to avoid scrutiny over its health system failures. He further said “The State Government has totally failed Queenslanders on the health issue,” he told ABC Radio.”What have we got? We’ve got a great political distraction.” (The Courier Mail).

Three quarters of Queenslanders support fluoridating the state’s water supplies, an independent survey has found. Results of the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) survey, released, showed that of the 400 Queenslanders interviewed, 70 per cent living in Brisbane and 77 per cent of residing elsewhere in the state favoured fluoridation. (

David McRae of Geelong, a member of Water Quality Australia, gave a short talk on the ethics of water fluoridation. “He argued that it is a violation of our human right to free choice over medications we take”

Water fluoridation – is this really a way to improve dental health, or is it another nail in our coffins, causing hip fractures, dental fluorosis, immune system problems and, possibly, cancer? (Gibson Sheila L.M.)

In 1936, fluoride was considered to be a general protoplasmic poison. It is to be hoped that the 1936 situation will soon be restored and that water fluoridation. Let us ensure, however, that the lessons of this long fluoride experiment which has been so costly to both human and environmental health, will finally be learned.

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